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Selected Publications

Reproductive Medicine Group

    1. Knott, J.G., Kurokawa, M., Fissore, R.A., Schultz, R.M., Williams, C.J.: Transgenic RNAi reveals role for mouse sperm phospholipase C zeta in triggering Ca2+ oscillations during fertilization. Biol. Reprod. 72(4): 992-996, April 2005. [Abstract]
    2. Hess, K.C., Jones, B.H., Marquez, B., Chen, Y., Ord, T.S., Kamenetsky, M., Miyamoto, C., Kopf, G.S., Suarez, S.S., Levin, L.R., Williams, C.J., Buck, J., Moss, S.B.: The 'soluble' adenylyl cyclase in sperm mediates multiple signaling events required for fertilization. Dev. Cell 9: 249-259, August 2005. [Abstract]
    3. Wadehra, M., Forbes, A., Pushkarna, N., Goodglick, L., Gordon, L.K., Williams, C.J., Braun, J.: Epithelial membrane protein-2 regulates surface expression of alpha v beta 3 integrin in the endometrium. Dev. Biol. 287: 336-345, October 2005. [Abstract]
    4. Wadehra, M., Dayal, M., Mainigi, M., Ord, T., Iyer, R., Braun, J., Williams, C.J.: Knockdown of the tetraspan protein epithelial membrane protein-2 inhibits implantation in the mouse. Dev. Biol. 292: 430-441, February 2006. [Abstract]
    5. Edwards, S.E., Buffone, M.G., Knee, G.R., Rossato, M., Bonanni, G., Masiero, S., Ferasin, S., Gerton, G.L., Moss, S.B., Williams, C.J.: Effects of extracellular adenosine 5´-triphosphate on human sperm motility. Reprod. Sci. 14(7): 655-666, October 2007. [Abstract]
    6. Igarashi, H., Knott, J.G., Schultz, R.M., Williams, C.J.: Alterations of PLCb1 in mouse eggs change calcium oscillatory behavior following fertilization. Dev. Biol. 312(1): 321-330, December 2007. [Abstract]
    7. Rodríguez-Miranda, E., Buffone, M.G., Edwards, S.E., Ord, T.S., Lin, K., Sammel, M.D., Gerton, G.L., Moss, S.B., Williams, C.J.: Extracellular ATP alters motility and improves the fertilizing capability of mouse sperm. Biol. Reprod. 79(1): 164-171, July 2008. [Abstract]
    8. Duncan, F., Stein, P., Williams, C.J., Schultz, R.M.: The effect of blastomere biopsy on preimplantation mouse embryo development and global gene expression. Fertil. Steril. 91(4 Suppl): 1462-1465, April 2009. [Abstract]
    9. Jefferson, W.N., Padilla-Banks, E., Goulding, E.H., Lao, S.C., Newbold, R.R., Williams, C.J.: Neonatal exposure to genistein disrupts ability of female mouse reproductive tract to support preimplantation embryo development and implantation. Biol. Reprod. 80(3): 425-431, March 2009. [Abstract]
    10. Jefferson, W.N., Williams, C.J.: Circulating levels of genistein in the neonate, apart from dose and route, predict future adverse female reproductive outcomes. Reprod Toxicol. 31(3): 272-279, April 2011. [Abstract]
    11. Jefferson, W.N., Padilla-Banks, E., Phelps, J.Y., Gerrish, K.E., Williams, C.J.: Permanent oviduct posteriorization following neonatal exposure to the phytoestrogen genistein. Environ Health Perspect. (in press), August 2011. [Abstract]
    12. Padilla-Banks E, Jefferson WN, Myers PH, Goulding DR, Williams CJ: Neonatal phytoestrogen exposure causes hypospadias in female mice. Mol. Reprod. Dev. 79(1): 3, January 2012. [Abstract]
    13. Kwintkiewicz J, Padilla-Banks E, Jefferson WN, Jacobs IM, Wade PA, Williams CJ: Metastasis associated protein 3 (MTA3) regulates G2/M progression in proliferating mouse granulosa cells. Biol. Reprod. 86(3): 1-8, March 2012. [Abstract]
    14. Jefferson WN, Patisaul HB, Williams CJ: Reproductive Consequences of Developmental Phytoestrogen Exposure. Reproduction 143(3):247-260, March 2012. [Abstract]
    15. Miao Y-L, Stein P, Jefferson WN, Padilla-Banks E, Williams CJ: Calcium influx-mediated signaling is required for complete mouse egg activation. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 109(11): 4169-4174, March 2012. [Abstract]
    16. Jefferson WN, Padilla-Banks E, Phelps JY, Cantor AM, Williams CJ. Neonatal phytoestrogen exposure alters oviduct mucosal immune response to pregnancy and affects preimplantation embryo development in the mouse. Biology of reproduction  87(1):10-1-10, July 2012. [Abstract]
    17. Jefferson WN, Williams CJ. Early mouse embryo asymmetry. Molecular reproduction and development 79(7):433-, July 2012. [Abstract]
    18. Miao YL, Williams CJ. Calcium signaling in mammalian egg activation and embryo development: The influence of subcellular localization. Molecular reproduction and development  79(11):742-56, November 2012. [Abstract]
    19. Jefferson WN, Chevalier DM, Phelps JY, Cantor AM, Padilla-Banks E, Newbold RR, Archer TK, Kinyamu HK, Williams CJ. Persistently altered epigenetic marks in the mouse uterus after neonatal estrogen exposure. Molecular Endocrinology 2013 27(10):1666-1677.
    20. Calhoun KC, Padilla-Banks E, Jefferson WN, Liu L, Gerrish KE, Young SL, Wood CE, Hunt PA, VandeVoort CA, Williams CJ. Bisphenol A exposure alters developmental gene expression in the fetal rhesus monkey uterus. PloS one 9(1):e85894, 2014. [Abstract]
    21. Duncan FE, Padilla-Banks E, Bernhardt ML, Ord TS, Jefferson WN, Moss SB, Williams CJ. Transducin-Like Enhancer of Split-6 (TLE6) Is a Substrate of Protein Kinase A Activity During Mouse Oocyte Maturation. Biology of reproduction 2014 90(3):63-.  [Abstract]
    22. Wang L , Du Y, Ward JM, Shimbo T, Lackford B, Zheng X, Miao YL, Zhou B, Han L, Fargo DC, Jothi R, Williams CJ, Wade PA, Hu G. INO80 facilitates pluripotency gene activation in embryonic stem cell self-renewal, reprogramming, and blastocyst development. Cell Stem Cell. 14(5):575-91, May 2014. [Abstract]
    23. Bernhardt ML, Lowther KM, Padilla-Banks E, McDonough CE, Lee KN, Evsikov AV, Uliasz TF, Chidiac P, Williams CJ, Mehlmann LM. Regulator of G-protein signaling 2 (RGS2) suppresses premature calcium release in mouse eggs. Development (Cambridge, England) 2015 42(15):2633-2640. [Abstract]
    24. Bernhardt ML, Zhang Y, Erxleben CF, Padilla-Banks E, McDonough CE, Miao YL, Armstrong DL, Williams CJ. CaV3.2 T-type channels mediate Ca2+ entry during oocyte maturation and following fertilization. J Cell Sci. 128(23):4442-4452. December 2015. [Abstract]
    25. Winuthayanon W, Bernhardt ML, Padilla-Banks E, Myers PH, Edin ML, Lih FB, Hewitt SC, Korach KS, Williams CJ. Oviductal estrogen receptor α signaling prevents protease-mediated embryo death. Elife. 4:e10453. December 2015. [Abstract]
    26. Ho SM, Cheong A, Adgent MA, Veevers J, Suen AA, Tam NNC, Leung Y-K, Jefferson WN, Williams CJ. Environmental factors, epigenetics, and developmental origin of reproductive disorders. Reproductive toxicology (Elmsford, N.Y.), 2016, pii: S0890-6238(16)30268-4 [Abstract]
    27. Suen AA, Jefferson WN, Wood CE, Padilla-Banks E, Bae-Jump VL, Williams CJ. SIX1 oncoprotein as a biomarker in a model of hormonal carcinogenesis and in human endometrial cancer. Mol Cancer Res. 14(9):849-858. September 2016. [Abstract]
    28. Bernhardt ML, Padilla-Banks E, Stein P, Zhang Y, Williams CJ. Store-operated Ca2+ entry is not required for fertilization-induced Ca2+ signaling in mouse eggs. Cell calcium. ():-. 2017.  [Abstract]
    29. Williams CJ, Chu A, Jefferson WN, Sudhakar D, Hogue CP, Khurana N, Patel P, Sullivan P, Padilla-Banks E, Mohandessi S, Janzen C, Wadehra M. Epithelial membrane protein 2 (EMP2) deficiency alters placental angiogenesis, mimicking features of human placental insufficiency. The Journal of pathology 2017 ():-. [Abstract] 
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