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Photo Gallery

Chromatin & Gene Expression Group

Chromatin & Gene Expression Group Photo
Chromatin & Gene Expression Group - October, 2018
Front Row: Jackson Hoffman, Nicholas Dietrich, Kevin Trotter
Back Row: Harriet Kinyamu, Laura Bisogno, James Ward, Trevor Archer, Nolan Gokey, Jun Yang, Lee Langer

Members of the Epigenetics & Stem Cell Biology Group
Members of the Epigenetics and Stem Cell Biology Laboratory - May, 2019
Front Row (L-R): Chen Qiu, Guang Hu, Raja Jothi, Traci Hall, Paul Wade, Trevor Archer, David Fargo, Joseph Rodriguez
Second Row (L-R): Kathleen Ochoa, Craig Burd, Hongyao Yu, Senthilkumar Cinghu, Aleah Wordsworth, Yufeng Qin, Kali Chrysovergis, Elizabeth Martin, Kathleen McCann, Qing Chen, Jiajia Wang, Xin Xu
Third Row (L-R): Justin Kosak, Lee Langer, Brad Lackford, Leesa Deterding, Chandana Kasireddy, Xiaojiang Xu, John Roberts, Andrew Sikkema, Meghan Warden, Laura Bisogno, Andrea Adams, Jun Yang
Fourth Row (L-R): Olivier Lardinois, Jason Williams, Katina Johnson, Kevin Trotter, Nolan Gokey, Nicholas Dietrich, Christopher Day, Jason Malphurs, Yang Liu
Back Row (L-R): Harriet Kinyamu, James Ward, Gable Wadsworth, Derrick Raynor, Dhirendra Kumar, Rob Wine, Jeffrey Kuhn, Yingpei Zhang, Rajneesh Pathania

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