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Your Environment. Your Health.

Population Research

These topics are areas of research on populations who may be particularly exposed or susceptible to the effects of environmental exposures.

Additional Topics


  • National Institute on Aging (NIA) Health Information  - Offers online articles; access to NIA print publications; and a directory of agencies, resource centers and volunteer programs.
  • Senior Health  - Details on 10 health topics of interest to seniors: Alzheimer’s, arthritis, balance problems, hearing loss, etc. Audio is available for those with sight difficulties.
  • Seniors' Health Topics  - A section of the MedlinePlus directory geared towards health issues related to aging. Especially covers topics such as assisted living devices, caregivers, nursing homes, etc.

Men's Health

North Carolina Health

  • North Carolina Drinking Water  - Helpful information regarding the quality of drinking water in your area of North Carolina.
  • North Carolina Health Atlas  - Contains maps of North Carolina that depict county-level health and health-related information. The primary purpose of the atlas is to provide a way to interpret visually a broad range of data and information about the health of North Carolinians.
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