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Mentor of the Year

Fellows' Career Development

Mentor of the Year

Fellows' Career Development

Mentor of the Year winner with mentored fellows
Carmen Williams speaking

This award is presented by the NIEHS Trainees Assembly (NTA) and honors an NIEHS scientist who has made a major impact both scientifically and personally in the training of fellows and students.

  • A 'Mentor' could be a principal investigator, a staff scientist or another PhD employee at NIEHS who has contributed to your professional training.
  • Individuals may be nominated by fellows, peers, lab chiefs, or other employees who work regularly with the candidate (preferably not summer students who have had minimal time with mentor).
  • The NTA Steering Committee will choose the winner, with a subcommittee of members that will serve as a review panel, with ad hoc support from other fellows as needed to support the review process.

Directions to Apply

In order to nominate a mentor for the Trainees’ Mentor of the Year award please:

  1. Submit one nomination letter to that includes a brief supporting statement and a description of the nominee’s achievements as a mentor as well as a completed questionnaire (29KB).
  2. Specific examples and demonstrations of good mentoring characteristics will be very helpful.
  3. When appropriate please try to include the mentor’s willingness and ability to help trainees find a desired position after leaving the lab.
  4. Please include your contact information (email address and mailing address) as well as contact information for the mentor you are nominating.

Mentor of the Year Winners

Janet Hall

2021 Winner: Dr. Janet Hall
High-caliber research at NIEHS takes center stage during Science Day

Past Winners

Douglas A. Bell, Ph.D.

2020 Winner: Dr. Douglas Bell
Virtual Science Day showcases trainee, mentor excellence

Robin Stanley, Ph.D.

2019 Winner: Dr. Robin Stanley
NIEHS celebrates 17th Annual Science Days

portrait of Kelly Ferguson, Ph.D.

2018 Winner: Dr. Kelly Ferguson
Trainees take center stage at 16th NIEHS Science Days

Portrait of Paul Foster at the awards ceremony

2017 Winner: Dr. Paul Foster
NIEHS Science Days wrap up with awards ceremony

Humphrey Hung-Chang Yao, Ph.D.

2016 Winner: Dr. Humphrey Yao
Top scientists recognized with NIEHS Science Days awards

Carmen Williams

2015 Winner: Dr. Carmen Williams
NIEHS Science Days celebrate excellent trainees and mentors

Samuel H. Wilson

2014 Winner: Dr. Sam Wilson
2014 Science Days spotlights mentor and fellow of the year

Photo of Sandler, Dale P.

2013 Winner: Dr. Dale Sandler
NIEHS celebrates achievements at annual Science Day

Mitch Eddy, Ph.D.

2012 Winner: Dr. Edward Mitchell (Mitch) Eddy
Science Day celebrates institute achievements

Donna D. Baird, Ph.D.

2011 Winner: Dr. Donna Baird
NIEHS celebrates intramural scientists

Matthew Longley, Ph.D.

2010 Winner: Dr. Matthew Longley
2010 Researchers honored at Science Awards Day

Serena M. Dudek, Ph.D.

2009 Winner: Dr. Serena Dudek
NIEHS Science Awards Day Celebrates Intramural Research Achievements

Ronald P. Mason, Ph.D.

2008 Winner: Dr. Ronald Mason
Sixth Annual Science Awards Day Honors Achievements

David L. Armstrong, Ph.D.

2007 Winner: Dr. David Armstrong
2007 Trainees and Investigators Shine at Fifth Annual Science Awards Day

David S. Miller, Ph.D.

2006 Winner: Dr. David Miller
Fourth Annual Science Awards Day

William C. Copeland, Ph.D.

2005 Winner: Dr. William Copeland
2005 Science Awards

Not Pictured

2004 Winner: Dr. John B. Pritchard

Jau-Shyong Hong, Ph.D.

2003 Winner: Dr. Jau-Shyong Hong

Other Mentor Award

Raja Jothi, Ph.D.

2016 Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award Winner: Dr. Raja Jothi
2016 Strong showing from NIEHS in NIH Director’s Awards

Samuel H. Wilson

2015 Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award Winner: Dr. Samuel Wilson
Wilson’s mentoring award celebrated

Allen J. Wilcox, M.D., Ph.D.

2015 Mentor of the Year by the Society for Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research: Dr. Allen Wilcox
2015 Wilcox named Mentor of the Year by pediatric epidemiology society

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