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Your Environment. Your Health.

Study Data PEGS: Personalized Environment and Genes Study

PEGS Data Freezes

The PEGS data are stored securely in a single centralized, shared repository to ensure consistent, reproducible, and comparable analyses. PEGS comprises a compatible, multi-dimensional collection of datasets in consistent and programmatically extractable formats, as shown in the figure on the right, and Data Components below. PEGS data are updated on a quarterly basis with additional participants, new variables, participant updates, and any additional data components. We are continually building analysis pipelines and workflows to enable efficient, reproducible, insightful, and collaborative research using the PEGS data.

Data Components

Data components available to researchers from the PEGS cohort are listed with their description and sample size (the number of participants). The latest versions of the administered participant surveys are also provided.

Component Description Documents Number of Participants
Demographic and Administrative Data Demographics, consent, address and administrative data for all participants 19,672
Health & Exposure Survey Demographics, health, family history of disease, environmental exposures, socioeconomic status and lifestyle Health & Exposure Survey (338KB) 9,414
External Exposome Survey (Exposome A) Residential and occupational environmental exposures External Exposome Survey (27MB) 3,519
Internal Exposome Survey (Exposome B) Medication use, physical activity, stress, sleep, diet, genetics and reproductive history Internal Exposome Survey (13MB) 2,962
Diabetes Screener Survey Diabetes screener administered to participants with self-reported diabetes Diabetes Screener Survey (69KB) 204
Eczema Screener Survey Eczema screener administered to participants with self-reported eczema Eczema Screener Survey (92KB) 302
Right-not-to-know Main Survey Right-not-to-know Survey administered for incidental findings reports 231
Right-not-to-know Cognitive Interview Survey Right-not-to-know Cognitive Interview administered to assess awareness of incidental findings reports Right-not-to-know Cognitive Interview Survey (1MB) 12
ICD Data Disease, phenotype and diagnostic ICD9/10 codes from electronic medical records TBD
Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) Structured collection of digitally stored patient health information containing demographics, medical history, medication and allergies, immunization status, laboratory test results, radiology images, vital signs, personal statistics such as age and weight and ICD9/10 billing codes TBD
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data Geocoded participant addresses from five study events with mapping coordinates, distance to toxic release and agricultural operation sites and geospatial exposure estimates computed from various GIS exposure databases 9,765
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Data WGS data for PEGS participants 4,737
Candidate Gene/SNP Data Candidate SNP data for a subset of participants for specific research goals 12,316

Survey Summary

Categories of survey questions administered to the participants in the Health & Exposure Survey are provided.

Health & Exposure Survey
About Your Family's Health Diabetes and Endocrine Neurologic
About Your General Health Digestive Occupation
About Your Home Life Exposures Renal
About Your Mood Fatigue Reproductive (Females Only)
Bones, Joints, and Muscles Hematological Reproductive (Males Only)
Cancer Immune Respiratory
Cardiovascular Lifestyle Skin, Eyes, and Hair

Categories of survey questions administered to the participants in the External Exposome Survey (Exposome Survey - Part A) are provided.

External Exposome (Exposome A)
Characteristics of Current and Past Residences:
• Agricultural Property Use
• Garage and Basement
• Heating and Cooling
• Pesticides and Insecticides
• Pets
• Surrounding Area
• Walls and Flooring
• Water and Dampness
Chemical and Metal Exposures at Work
Hobby Exposures
Ultraviolet Light Exposures
Workplace Characteristics

Categories of survey questions administered to the participants in the Internal Exposome Survey (Exposome Survey - Part B) are provided.

Internal Exposome (Exposome B)
Chemotherapy/Radiation Therapy Physical Activity
Dietary Behavior Reproductive History (Females Only)
Dietary Intake Sleep
Genetic History Stress
Infectious Disease Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Supplement Use
Medications Twin/Triplet Siblings and Birth Order

All data on this website are reported from PEGS Data Freeze 1.1 created on 7/26/2021.

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