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Map of NIEHS R25 Summer Research Program Grantee Institutions

Map of NIEHS R25 Summer Research Programs


Institute Program PI Program Website
Arizona State University – Tempe Campus New College Environmental Health Science Scholars (NCEHSS) Program Pamela Marshall, Jennifer Hackney, Karen Watanabe
Coastal Marine Biolabs Marine Neurotoxins: Examining the Impacts of a Pedagogically Focused RET Model that Explores the Interplay of Marine Biotoxins, Commercial Shellfish Aquaculture, and Public Health Safety Ralph Imondi, Linda Santschi
Columbia University Environmental Health Research for Teachers and High School Students (EARTH) in the Great Northern Plains Anne Nigra
Georgia State University EMPOWER: Engaging Multi-Disciplinary Professional Opportunities for Women in Environmental Research Adrienne Lester King
Michigan State University First Time Summer Research Experience in Environmental Health Sciences James Luyendyk, Jamie Bernard
North Carolina State University Environmental Health Research Experiences for Teachers in High-poverty Schools: A Professional Development Program Margareta Thomson, Reade Roberts
Rutgers University Summer Research Experience Programs (R25) Lauren Aleksunes, Debra Laskin
University of Arizona Environmental Health Sciences Research for Indigenous Scholar Engagement (EHS-RISE) Qing-Yu Zhang, Teshia Solomon, Agnes Attakai
University of California, Berkeley Short Term Educational Experiences in Environmental Health Research (STEER) Carisa Harris-Adamson
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Toxicology (SURETox) Jodi Flaws, Romana Nowak
University of Kentucky Summer Research in Environmental Health Sciences Hollie Swanson, Kevin Pearson
University of Massachusetts Amherst Near-Peer Mentoring in Environmental Health: Chemical Exposures and Disease Risk Laura Vandenberg
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Undergraduate Research Training for Diversity in Environmental Health Sciences Marie O’Neill, Simone Charles
University of Montana Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS) Summer Undergraduate Research Program Andrij Holian, Christopher Migliaccio
University of Pennsylvania Short Term Educational Experiences for Research (STEER) and Teen Research and Education in Environmental Science (TREES) Summer Research Programs Jeffrey Field
University of Tennessee, Knoxville UT Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences in the Environmental Health Sciences Larry Millet, Frank Loeffler
University of Utah Health, Air Pollution, and Population Initiative in Education and Science Training (HAPPIEST) Sara Grineski, Timothy Collins
University of Wisconsin-Madison Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Summer Research Opportunities Program (MET-SROP) Christopher Bradfield, Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly
Yale University Summer Research Experience in Environmental Health (SREEH) Vasilis Vasiliou, Yong Zhu
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