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Your Environment. Your Health.

Partnering With NIEHS

Connect With NIEHS Experts

The environment impacts human health in many ways. Research in NIEHS laboratories and branches lead to discoveries and innovations in various subject areas from cutting edge toxicological tools to therapies and diagnostics related to infectious diseases including COVID-19, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases, and reproductive disorders. NIEHS laboratories and branches are categorized under two divisions, the Division of Intramural Research and the National Toxicology Program. The following are NIEHS laboratories and branches where you can find a subject matter expert.

Division of Intramural Research National Toxicology Program
Biostatistics & Computational Biology Branch Comparative & Molecular Pathogenesis Branch
Clinical Research Branch Integrative Health Assessments Branch
Comparative Medicine Branch Mechanistic Toxicology Branch
Epidemiology Branch Predictive Toxicology Branch
Epigenetics & Stem Cell Biology Laboratory Systems Toxicology Branch
Genome Integrity & Structural Biology Laboratory
Immunity, Inflammation, and Disease Laboratory
Neurobiology Laboratory
Reproductive & Developmental Biology Laboratory
Signal Transduction Laboratory

Partners interested in obtaining NIEHS developed materials or establishing collaborations with NIEHS scientists should contact OTT for assistance. Please see Licensing Opportunities for available technologies.


Sharon Soucek
Sharon Soucek, Ph.D.
Director, Office of Technology Transfer

Tel 984-287-4152

Contact OTT to propose a collaboration with our subject matter experts.

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