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Provided below is a suggested supply list. It is not a requirement for these items to be purchased from the listed supplier; however, the item should meet the listed description/specification.  

Item Description Source
Absorbent pad with plastic backing (Must have plastic backing to prevent leaking and contamination of the work surface.) Daigger
Catalog No. MX8313AA
Disposable forceps
If a large number of animals are to be necropsied, disposable items minimize contamination and save time with cleaning.)
Fisher Scientific
Catalog No. NC9608396
Disposable razor blades: WECPREP™ blades
These blades come individually wrapped and are longer than a standard blade, making trimming of tissues easier.)
Ted Pella, Inc.
Catalog No. 121-10
250 ml
Catalog No. 9780
*Nuclease free water
Not DEPC treated)
2 x 2 L (Required from listed source.)
Catalog No. 9934
Polystyrene Weighing Boats, (89x89x25mm)
Pack 500
Plastic weigh boats are disposable.
do not use a boat smaller than the listed size or tissue trimming will be difficult.)
Catalog No. MX1420BB
Corning External Threaded Cryovials
2.0 ml, round bottom Case of 500
Cryovials must meet 2 requirements:
) External threading and not internal. Tissue removal is difficult from internal threaded vials.
) Vial is safe in the vapor phase (liquid nitrogen).
Fischer Scientific
Catalog No. 09-761-72
Nalgene Vials
5ml size
Number/pack: 12
Number/case: 144
Nalgene Labware
Catalog No. 6250-0005
Pink Dental Wax – Nu-Base Plate Wax 1 lb.

Electron Microscopy Science
Catalog No. 72660
Thermolyne benchtop liquid nitrogen
container. (Several sizes are available to select from.)
Barnstead International
Catalog No. 2124
Gauze sponges (2 x 2) Fischer Scientific
Catalog No. 22-362-178
70% Ethanol Dilute 100% ethanol with nuclease free water.