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Registry Forms


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Certain core information relating to the details of the clinical studies and patient demographics are being collected in a common format for comparisons of different myositis studies. The following forms are included in the IMACS Trials Outcomes Data Repository.

The IMACS Outcomes Repository Variable List is a data dictionary of the variable names used in the IMACS Outcomes Repository. It is published here to facilitate data sharing of core set measure data.

IMACS Clinical Trial Design


This tool collects basic information about clinical trial design features or studies in the IMACS clinical data repository.


IMACS Assessment of Study Outcomes


This form assesses the degree of improvement or worsening in subjects enrolled in the IMACS Core Set Measure Data Repository. Assessments are completed by the enrolling physician, patient and parent (in the case of a patient who is a minor). An enrolling physician version should be completed for studies/trials validating the new myositis response criteria.


IMACS Trial Status


This is an IMACS form to describe the patient"s status in a trial and what study medication they are receiving


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