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Translational Research at NIEHS

Environmental Health Perspectives Article on Translational Research Framework

A series of concentric circles represent the categories of translational research. The inner ring is Fundamental Questions, the next ring is Application and Synthesis, followed by Implementation and Adjustment. The fourth ring represents the Practice category of translational research. The outside ring represents the Impacts category. As the rings move from the center ring to the outside ring, the research activities have human impacts.

Expanding the Concept of Translational Research: Making a Place for Environmental Health Sciences 
The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) introduces a new translational research framework that builds upon previous biomedical models to create a more comprehensive and integrated environmental health paradigm.

NIEHS encourages the translation of environmental health research into concrete strategies that protect and improve human health. This process is known as translational research. There are a range of NIEHS-supported tools and resources that researchers can use to conduct, facilitate and evaluate translational research.

Translational Research Framework

The NIEHS Translational Research Framework involves a series of rings that represent five primary categories of translational research.

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