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Selected Publications

Receptor Biology Group

  1. Korach, K.S., Emmen, J.M.A., Walker, V.R., Hewitt, S.C., Yates, M., Hall, J.M., Swope, D.L., Harrell, J.C., Couse, J.F., Update on animal models developed for analyses of estrogen receptor biological activity. J. Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 86: 387-391, 2003 [Abstract]
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  3. Grummer, R, Hewitt, S.W., Traub, O., Korach, K.S., Winterhager, E., Different Regulatory Pathways of Endometrial Connexin Expression: Pre-implantation Hormonal Mediated Pathway Versus Embryo Implantation Initiated Pathway. Biol Reprod 71: 273-281, 2004 [Abstract]
  4. Mueller, S.O., Simon, S., Chae, K., Metzler, M., Korach, K.S., Phytoestrogens and their human metabolites show distinct agonistic and antagonistic properties on estrogen receptor ERα and ER?. Toxicol Sci. 80: 14-25, 2004. [Abstract]
  5. DeRoo, B.J., Hewitt, S.C., Korach, K.S., Estradiol regulates the thioredoxin antioxidant system in the mouse uterus. Endocrinology 145: 5485-5492, 2004. [Abstract]
  6. Santen, R.J., Yue, W., Boccinfuso, W., Korach, K.S., Wang, J-P., Rogan, E.G., Li, Y., Cavalieri, E., Russo, J., Devanesan, P., Verderame, M., Estradiol-induced carcinogenesis via formation of genotoxic metabolites, In: Advances in endocrine therapy of breast cancer. Ingle, J.N., Dowsett, M. (eds), Marcel Dekker, new York, 163-178, 2004.
  7. Couse, J.F., Korach, K.S., Estrogen receptor-αlpha mediates the detrimental effects of neonatal diethylstilbestrol (DES) exposure in the murine reproductive tract. Toxicology 205: 55-63, 2004. [Abstract]
  8. Walker, V.R., Korach, K.S., Estrogen receptor knockout mice as a model for endocrine research. ILAR Journal 45: 455-461, 2004. [Abstract]
  9. Couse, J.F., Yates, M.M., Sanford, R., Nyska, A., Nilson, J.H., Korach, K.S., Formation of cystic ovarian follicles associated with elevated luteinizing hormone requires estrogen receptor-beta. Endocrinology 145: 4693-4702, 2004. [Abstract]
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  11. Kavaliers, M., Agmo, A., Choleris, E., Gustafsson, J-A., Korach, K.S., Muglia, L.J., Pfaff, D.W., Ogawa, S., Oxytocin and estrogen receptor alpha and beta knockout mice provide discriminably different odor cues in behavioral assays. Gene Brain Behav. 3: 189-195, 2004. [Abstract]
  12. Pelzer, T., Loza, P-A.A., Hu, K., Bayer, B., Dienesch, C., Calvillo, L., Korach, K.S., Neyses, L., Ertl, G., Increased mortality and aggravation of heart failure in estrogen receptor-beta knockout mice after myocardial infarction. Circulation 111: 1492-1498, 2005. [Abstract]
  13. Hewitt, S.C., Collins, J., Grissom, S., Deroo, B., Korach, K.S., Global uterine genomics in vivo: microarray evaluation of the estrogen receptor alpha-growth factor cross-talk mechanism. Mol Endocrinol 19: 657-668, 2005. [Abstract]
  14. Skavdahl, M., Steenbergen, C., Clark, J., Myers, P., Demianeko, T., Mao, L., Rockman, H.A., Korach, K.S., Murphy, E., Estrogen receptor-beta mediates male-female differences in the development of pressure overload hypertrophy. Am. J. Physiol.: Heart and Circulatory Physiology 288: H469-476, 2005. [Abstract]
  15. Ardelt, A.A., McCullough, L.D., Korach, K.S., Wang, W.M., Munzenmaier, D.H., Hurn, P.D., Estradiol regulates angiopoietin-1 mRNA expression through estrogen receptor-alpha in a rodent experimental stroke model. Stroke 36: 337-341, 2005. [Abstract]
  16. Gougelet, A., Bouclier,C., Marsaud, V., Maillard, S., Mueller, S.O., Korach, K.S., Renoir, J-M, Estrogen receptor a and b subtype expression and transactivation capacity are differentially affected by receptor-, hsp90- and immunophilin-ligands in human breast cancer cells. J. Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 94: 71-81, 2005. [Abstract]
  17. Jayachandran, M., Karnicki,K., Miller,R.S., Owen,W.G., Korach,K.S., Miller,V.M., Platelet Characteristics Change with Aging: Role of Estrogen Receptor beta. J Gerontol: Biol Sci. 60: 815-819, 2005. [Abstract]
  18. Emmen, J.M.A., Couse, J.F., Elmore, S.A., Yates, M.M., Kissling, G.E., Korach, K.S., In vitro growth and ovulation of follicles from ovaries of estrogen receptor (ER){alpha} and ER{beta} null mice indicate a role for ER{beta} in follicular maturation. Endocrinology 146: 2817-2826, 2005. [Abstract]
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  21. Aoyama, H., Couse, J.F., Curtis, S.W., Korach, K.S., Haseman, J., Dixon, D. Upregulation of estrogen receptor expression in the uterus of ovariectomized B6C3F1 mice and Ishikawa cells treated with bromoethane. Tox Appl Pharmacol 209:226-235, 2005. [Abstract]
  22. Tekmal, R.R., Liu, Y.G., Nair, H.B., Jones, J., Perla, R.P., Lubahn, D.B., Korach, K.S., Kirma, N., Estrogen receptor-α is required for mammary development and the induction of mammary hyperplasia and epigenetic alterations in aromatase transgenic mice. J. Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 95: 9-15, 2005. [Abstract]
  23. Hewitt, S.C., Harrell, J.C., Korach, K.S., Lessons in Estrogen Biology from Knockout and Transgenic Animals, Ann. Rev. Physiol. 67: 285-308, 2005. [Abstract]
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  25. Nomura, M., Andersson, S., Korach, K.S., Gustafsson, J-A, Pfaff, D. W., Ogawa, S., Estrogen receptor-beta gene disruption potentiates estrogen-inducible aggression but not sexual behavior in male mice. Neuroscience 23: 1860-1868, 2006. [Abstract]
  26. LeMay, C., Chu, K., Hu, M., Oretga, C.S., Simpson, E.R., Korach, K.S., Tsai, M-J., Mauvais-Jarvis, F., Estrogens protect pancreatic β-cells from apoptosis and prevent insulin-deficient diabetes mellitus in mice. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 103: 9232-9237, 2006. [Abstract]
  27. Szego, E.M., Barabas, K., Balog, J., Szilagyi, N., Korach, K.S., Juhasz, G., Abraham, I.M., Estrogen induces estrogen receptor alpha dependent CREB phosphorylation via MAPK pathway in basal forebrain cholinergic neurons in vivo. J. Neuroscience 26: 4104-4110, 2006. [Abstract]
  28. Couse, J.F., Yates, M.M., Rodriguez, K.F., Johnson, J.A., Poireir, D., Korach, K.S., The intraovarian actions of estrogen receptor-α (ER-α) are necessary to repress the formation of morphological and functional leydig cells in the female gonad. Endocrinology 147:  3666-3678, 2006. [Abstract]
  29. Yamamoto, Y., Moore, R., Hess, H.A., Guo, G.L., Gonzalez, F.J., Korach, K.S., Maronpot, R.R., Negishi, M., Estrogen receptor alpha mediates 17alpha-ethynylestradiol-causing hepatotoxicity. J. Biol. Chem. 281: 16625-16631, 2006. [Abstract]
  30. Qiu, J., Bosch, M.A., Tobias, S.C., Krust, A., Graham, S.M., Murphy, S.J., Korach, K.S., Chambon, P., Scanlan, T.S., Ronnekleiv, O.K., Kelly, M.J., A G protein-coupled estrogen receptor is involved in hypothalamic control of energy homeostasis. J. Neuroscience 26: 5649-5655, 2006. [Abstract]
  31. Lindzey, J., Jayes, F.L., Yates, M.M., Couse, J.F., Korach, K.S., The bi-modal effects of estradiol on gonadotropin synthesis and secretion in female mice are dependent on estrogen receptor-α (ER-α). J. Endocrinology 191: 309-317, 2006 [Abstract]
  32. Choleris, E., Ogawa, S., Kavaliers, M.,Gustafsson, J.-Å, Korach, K.S., Muglia,  L. J., Pfaff, D.W., Involvement of estrogen receptor alpha, beta and oxytocin in social discrimination: A detailed behavioral analysis with knockout female mice. Genes Brain Behav. 5:528-539, 2006. [Abstract]
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