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Selected Publications

Synaptic & Developmental Plasticity Group

  1. Tyssowski KM, DeStefino NR, Cho JH, Dunn CJ, Poston RG, Carty CE, Jones RD, Chang SM, Romeo P, Wurzelmann MK, Ward JM, Andermann ML, Saha RN, Dudek SM, Gray JM. (2018) Different Neuronal Activity Patterns Induce Different Gene Expression Programs. Neuron 98(3):530-546. [Abstract] 
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  4. Carstens KE, Phillips ML, Pozzo-Miller L, Weinberg RJ, Dudek SM. (2016) Perineuronal Nets Suppress Plasticity of Excitatory Synapses on CA2 Pyramidal Neurons. J Neurosci. 36(23):6312-20. [Abstract]
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