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Selected Publications

Mitochondrial DNA Replication Group

  1. Young MJ, Copeland WC. Human mitochondrial DNA replication machinery and disease. Current opinion in genetics & development 2016 38():52-62. [Abstract]
  2. DeBalsi KL, Hoff KE, Copeland WC. Role of the mitochondrial DNA replication machinery in mitochondrial DNA mutagenesis, aging and age-related diseases. Ageing research reviews 2016 Apr 30. pii: S1568-1637(16)30059-9. [Abstract]
  3. Young MJ, Humble MM, DeBalsi KL, Sun KY, Copeland WC. POLG2 disease variants: analyses reveal a dominant negative heterodimer, altered mitochondrial localization and impaired respiratory capacity. Human molecular genetics 2015 24(18):5184-5197. [Abstract]
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  5. Stumpf JD, Copeland WC. (2014)  MMS Exposure Promotes Increased MtDNA Mutagenesis in the Presence of Replication-Defective Disease-Associated DNA Polymerase γ Variants PLoS genetics 10(10):e1004748-.  [Abstract]
  6. Copeland WC, Longley MJ. Mitochondrial genome maintenance in health and disease. DNA repair 2014 19(July 2014):190-198. [Abstract]
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  9. Humble MM, Young MJ, Foley JF, Pandiri AR, Travlos GS, Copeland WC. 2013. Polg2 is essential for mammalian embryogenesis and is required for mtDNA maintenance. Human molecular genetics. 22(5):1017-1025.  [Abstract]
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  14. Craig K, Young MJ, Blakely EL, Longley MJ, Turnbull DM, Copeland WC, Taylor RW. (2012) A p.R369G POLG2 mutation associated with adPEO and multiple mtDNA deletions causes decreased affinity between polymerase γ subunits. Mitochondrion 12(2):313-9. [Abstract]
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