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Selected Publications

Systems Biology Group

2008 - present

  1. Cinghu S*, Yang P*, Kosak J, Conway AE, Kumar D, Oldfield AJ, Adelman K, Jothi R. (2017) Intragenic Enhancers Attenuate Host Gene Expression. Molecular Cell (To appear)(*Co-first authors). 
  2. Kang HS, Kumar D, Liao G, Lichti-Kaiser K, Gerrish K, Liao X-H, Refetoff S, Jothi R, Jetten AM. GLIS3 is Indispensable for TSH/TSHR-Dependent Thyroid Hormone Biosynthesis and Follicular Cell Proliferation. Journal of Clinical Investigation (To appear). 
  3. Minard AY, Tan S-X , Yang P, Fazakerley DJ, Domanova W, Parker BL, Humphrey SJ, Jothi R, Stöckli J, James DE. (2016) mTORC1 Is a Major Regulatory Node in the FGF21 Signaling Network in Adipocytes. Cell Reports 17(1):29-36. [Abstract]
  4. Hoffman NJ, Parker BL, Chaudhuri R, Fisher-Wellman KH, Kleinert M, Humphrey SJ, Yang P, Holliday M, Trefely S, Fazakerley DJ, Stöckli J, Burchfield JG, Jensen TE, Jothi R, Kiens B, Wojtaszewski JF, Richter EA, James DE. (2015) Global Phosphoproteomic Analysis of Human Skeletal Muscle Reveals a Network of Exercise-Regulated Kinases and AMPK Substrates. Cell Metabolism 22(5):922-935. [Abstract]
  5. Yang P, Humphrey SJ, James DE, Yang YH, Jothi R. (2015) Positive-unlabeled ensemble learning for kinase substrate prediction from dynamic phosphoproteomics data. Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) 2016 32(2):252-259. [Abstract]
  6. Yang P, Zheng X, Jayaswal V, Hu G, Yang JY, Jothi R. (2015) Knowledge-Based Analysis for Detecting Key Signaling Events from Time-Series Phosphoproteomics Data. PLoS Computational Biology 11(8):e1004403 [Abstract]
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  8. Oldfield AJ*, Yang P*, Conway AE, Cinghu S, Freudenberg JM, Yellaboina S, Jothi R. (2014) Histone-Fold Domain Protein NF-Y Promotes Chromatin Accessibility for Cell Type-Specific Master Transcription Factors. Molecular Cell 55(5):708-22. (*Co-first authors) [Abstract]
  9. Cinghu S*, Yellaboina S*, Freudenberg JM, Ghosh S, Zheng X, Oldfield AJ, Lackford BL, Zaykin DV, Hu G, Jothi R . (2014) Integrative framework for identification of key cell identity genes uncovers determinants of ES cell identity and homeostasis. Proc Natl Acad Sci 111(16):E1581-E1590. (*Co-first authors) [Abstract]
  10. Takeda Y, Kang HS, Freudenberg J, DeGraff LM, Jothi R, Jetten AM. (2014) Retinoic Acid-Related Orphan Receptor γ (RORγ): A Novel Participant in the Diurnal Regulation of Hepatic Gluconeogenesis and Insulin Sensitivity. PLoS Genetics 10(5):e1004331. [Abstract]
  11. Wang L, Du Y, Ward JM, Shimbo T, Lackford B, Zheng X, Miao YL, Zhou B, Han L, Fargo DC, Jothi R, Williams CJ, Wade PA, Hu G. (2014) INO80 Facilitates Pluripotency Gene Activation in Embryonic Stem Cell Self-Renewal, Reprogramming, and Blastocyst Development. Cell Stem Cell 14(5):575-91. [Abstract]
  12. Lackford B, Yao C, Charles GM, Weng L, Zheng X, Choi EA, Xie X, Wan J, Xing Y, Freudenberg JM, Yang P, Jothi R, Hu G, Shi Y. (2014) Fip1 regulates mRNA alternative polyadenylation to promote stem cell self-renewal. EMBO Journal 33(8):878-89. [Abstract]
  13. Li R, Mav D, Grimm SA, Jothi R, Shah R, Wade PA. Fine-tuning of epigenetic regulation with respect to promoter CpG content in a cell type-specific manner. Epigenetics 2014 9(5):747-59. [Abstract]
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  15. Li L, Freudenberg JM, Cui K, Dale R, Song SH, Dean A, Zhao K, Jothi R*, Love PE*. (2013) Ldb1-nucleated transcription complexes function as primary mediators of global erythroid gene activation. Blood 121(22):4575-4585. (*Co-corresponding authors) [Abstract]
  16. Agarwal SK, Jothi R. (2012) Genome-wide characterization of menin-dependent H3K4me3 reveals a specific role for menin in the regulation of genes implicated in MEN1-like tumors. PLoS ONE 7(5):e37952-. [Abstract]
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  20. Zheng X, Dumitru R*, Lackford B*, Freudenberg JM*, Singh A, Archer T, Jothi R, Hu G (2012) Cnot1, Cnot2, and Cnot3 maintain mouse and human ES cell identity and inhibit extraembryonic differentiation. Stem Cells 30(5):910-22. (*Equal contribution) [Abstract]
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  24. Li L, Jothi R, Cui K, Lee JY, Cohen T, Gorivodsky M, Tzhori I, Zhao Y, Hayes SM, Bresnick EH, Zhao K, Westphal H and Love PE (2011) Nuclear adaptor Ldb1 regulates a transcriptional program essential for the maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells. Nature Immunology 12(2):129-136. [Abstract]  
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