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Research Supplements at NIEHS

Office Worker

NIH does not allow supplements during a No-Cost Extension (NCE) period (including mid-project NCEs). Applications submitted during an NCE will not be considered by NIEHS.

Recipients of NIEHS research grants with a reasonable period of research support (usually two years or more) remaining in the project period at the anticipated time of the supplement award (3-6 months after application submission) are eligible to submit a request to NIEHS for an administrative supplement to the grant.

Supplement Tips

  • Ask only for what you can reasonably obligate during the current budget period. Keep in mind you must also obligate the funds you have already received for the current budget period, as well as any approved carryover.
  • Don’t ask for higher effort level than time remaining in the current budget period (e.g., if there are 6 months remaining in the current budget period, please do not ask for 12 months of salary).
  • Don’t include individuals listed as “to be named,” unless you are requesting a multiple-year supplement.
  • If expenses will cross budget periods, and your program officer supports it, request a multiple-year supplement. Please keep in mind that NIEHS does not often approve multiple-year supplements.
  • Total costs in your supplement request generally cannot exceed the total costs of the parent award’s current budget period.
  • Use the funds you have first, before asking for a supplement. This includes any funds remaining from previous budget periods.

NIEHS prioritizes administrative supplement requests in two areas:

  • To enhance workforce diversity by providing funding opportunities for special populations to enter or re-enter biomedical research, as described below under Supplements for Special Populations.
  • To provide funding for emergencies/unanticipated needs, ones that could not have been foreseen at the time of the previous competing or non-competitive application, and that seriously impact the ability of the recipient to accomplish the project Aims, as described under General Administrative Supplements below.
FY 2024+ Receipt Dates*
Receipt Date** Earliest Award Date
April 3, 2023 July 2023 (FY23)
September 1, 2023 December 2023 (FY24)
December 1, 2023 March 2024 (FY24)
April 1, 2024 July 2024 (FY24)
September 2, 2024 December 2024 (FY25)

*Specific dates will be posted for each year.

**The receipt dates apply to all general administrative supplements and Superfund supplements.

Supplements will generally not be awarded to recipients if they:

  • Are in a No-Cost Extension (including mid-project No-Cost Extensions).
  • Do not have enough time remaining in the current budget period to obligate the supplemental funds.
  • Have a history of carrying large and growing unobligated balances over time.
  • Have a large unobligated balance remaining from previous budget periods.

General Administrative Supplements

General administrative supplemental funds can be requested for emergency or other unforeseen situations, such as natural or manmade disasters that damage the PI's lab or other research resources, failure of essential equipment, unforeseen costs associated with loss of biospecimens or samples, or increased costs of recruiting subjects or performing laboratory analyses. These requests are considered the highest priority.

Two other types of general administrative supplement requests can be considered but are of lower priority; recipients should contact their Program Officer about these prior to submission to discuss.

  • To update equipment or methodologies that have become out of date; the PI must show that the new equipment and/or methodologies were not available at the time of submission of the parent application and that they will significantly enhance the quality of the data.
  • To follow up on unanticipated results or to enhance components of their research that have been unexpectedly productive. However, these enhancements must be within the scope of research proposed and reviewed in the parent grant and are of the lowest priority; recipients are encouraged to consider alternatives (e.g., submitting a revision or new application).

Supplement Programs for Special Populations

Supplement programs are used to offer laboratory experience to a wide array of individuals including high school students, undergraduate students in health-related sciences, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, scientists re-entering the work force after taking time off for family responsibilities, etc. Individuals may receive support under these programs on only one grant at any time, but may be supported by more than one grant during their research careers.

FY 2024 Receipt Dates for Diversity/Re-entry Supplements
Receipt Date Earliest Award Date
June 1, 2023 August 2023 (FY23)
October 2, 2023 December 2023 (FY24)
December 1, 2023 February 2024 (FY24)
February 1, 2024 April 2024  (FY24)
April 1, 2024 June 2024 (FY24)
June 3, 2024 August 2024 (FY24)
October 1, 2024 December 2024 (FY25)

Note: Diversity and Re-entry supplement applications are reviewed every other month to minimize the time from application to award. Meritorious diversity/re-entry supplements received after June 1 may not be awarded until after the start of the next fiscal year in October, pending availability of funds.

Superfund Research Program Supplements

The Superfund Research program provides administrative supplements to SRP Recipients. For more information, please visit the SRP General Supplement webpage.

Per the instructions provided in the FOAs listed on the webpage above, supplement applications must be submitted electronically to

Recipients are highly encouraged to contact their assigned SRP Program Officer before submitting an administrative supplement.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, receipt dates listed above apply to Superfund Program recipient applications.

Worker Training Program Supplements

The Worker Training Program provides administrative supplements to support the training of workers who may be exposed to hazardous materials encountered during hazardous waste operations, hazardous materials transportation, and environmental restoration of contaminated facilities or chemical emergency response. Supplements are also granted to address emerging occupational hazards, new regulations, response to natural or man-made disasters, or unforeseen issues and emergencies. For more information, please contact your program officer.

Per the instructions provided in the FOA(s) listed above, supplement applications must be submitted electronically to

Also, visit the Worker Training Program Current Funding Opportunities webpage for other funding announcements under the Worker Training Program.

Recipients are encouraged to contact their program officers before submitting an administrative supplement.

Note: Unless otherwise noted, receipt dates listed above apply to Worker Training Program recipient applications.

See Supplement Tips for more information.
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