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Fellows' Career Development


Fellows' Career Development

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First Environments Early Learning Center

First Environments Early Learning Center Logo

On-site daycare is available at the First Environments Early Learning Center(FEELC). The FEELC is a non-profit child care facility located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences campus. Almost 180 infants, toddlers and preschool children benefit from FEELC’s programming emphasis on nature as a “third” teacher.

Designed to maximize natural light, FEELC’s “interactive building” uses found objects and donated materials that change in response to children’s interests. The grounds hold many gardens, including an edible garden harvested for meals at the school, natural areas for exploration, a playground and outdoor stage. Found objects made into art by children hang from ceilings, walls and are scattered indoors and out. Even the roof is put to use. Solar panels installed by a local power company generates and sends power back to the grid. The solar array generates enough to serve 120 NC households each year.

FEELC’s sustainable operations policy creatively and cooperatively maximizes funds, staff and community resources. Sustainability permeates both programming and operations. Creatively reusing discarded and donated materials teaches conservation while fostering creativity. Gardening introduces earth friendly practices like mulching, capturing irrigation water and planting to attract bees and butterflies. Catching and releasing small insects for study inspires scientific exploration and demonstrates the need to preserve natural habitats.

FEELC recruits and retains professional teachers who are dedicated to the hearts and development of young children. Staff collaboration, cross-training and the opportunity to use individual creativity make for very low turnover rates among staff.


FEELC Bi-Weekly Tuition Rates

  Federal Discount Non Federal
Infant $734 $823
Toddler $681 $777
Middler $609 $695
Preschool/Pre-K $578 $670

Frequently Requested Information on FEELC

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