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NIH Summer Mentor Award

Fellows' Career Development

NIH Summer Mentor Award

Fellows' Career Development

Daniel Gehl presenting to a post doc
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The NIH Summer Mentor Award program provides for a centrally funded summer intern to qualified graduate students, Postdoc fellows (IRTA/CRTA/Research Fellow), Visiting Fellows, and Clinical fellows. This program also provides mentoring training for selected awardees. Application deadlines are typically in December, and announced through the OITE listservs. For more information on this program contact

(Source:  NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education)

NIH Summer Mentor Awardees

2022 Awardees

Dana Al-Hasan

Dana Alhasan, Ph.D.

Kanda Borgognoni

Kanda Borgognoni, Ph.D.

Jasmine Mack

Jasmine Mack

2021 Awardees

Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown

Lauren Gullett

Lauren R. Gullett

Christopher Mazzone

Christopher M. Mazzone, Ph.D.

2019 Awardees

Alexandre Borrel, Ph.D.

Alexandre Borrel, Ph.D.

Jacob Kresovich

Jacob K. Kresovich, Ph.D., M.P.H.

2018 Awardees

Georgia M. Alexander, Ph.D.

Georgia M. Alexander, Ph.D.

Not Pictured

David M. Crizer, Ph.D.

Symielle Gaston

Symielle A. Gaston, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Kaoru Inoue

Kaoru Inoue, Ph.D.

2017 Awardees

Steven Wu

Steve Wu, Ph.D.

Xiaoqiu Wang

Xiaoqiu Wang, Ph.D.

2016 Awardees

Headshot of Bart Phillips

Bart Phillips Ph.D.

Fei Zhao, Ph.D.

Fei Zhao Ph.D.

2015 Awardees

Natasha Steinckwich-Besancon, Ph.D.

Natacha Steinckwich-Besancon Ph.D.

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