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Self-Assessment and Career Counseling

Fellows' Career Development

Self-Assessment and Career Counseling

Fellows' Career Development

Self-Assessment & Career Counseling


Conducting a self-assessment is the first, critical step in the career planning process. The following self-assessment tools can help you identify your styles, values, skills, interests, and personality type.

  • National Postdoc Association Career Planning Resource
  • MyIDP: A free, online resource on the Science website. It includes a self-assessment for skills, interests and values.
  • The Strong Interest Inventory identifies career interests. Eligible trainees must make an appointment to meet with Dr. Denise Saunders, NIH OITE Career Counselor, prior to completing the assessment.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) analyzes personality type. If you are interested in completing the MBTI, please make an appointment with Dr. Denise Saunders, NIH OITE Career Counselor.

Career Counseling

If you are part of the intramural program at the NIH, you have several options for scheduling a career counseling appointment to talk about your career goals and preferences. See “What to Expect When You See a Career Counselor.” Also, note that while NIEHS is located in North Carolina, NIH OITE’s Career Services Staff is also available to all NIEHS fellows via telephone, email, or video conference. Learn more about all the services provided by the Career Services Staff.

Options for Scheduling a Career Counseling Appointment:

  • Make a face-to-face appointment with Dr. Denise Saunders, the NIH OITE Career Counselor based in NC. She visits NIEHS twice a month, and emails are routinely sent to the NIEHS Fellows Listserv announcing her appointment availability.
  • Make a telephone or video-based appointment with any of the OITE Career Services Staff
  • Make a face-to-face appointment with Dr. Tammy Collins, Director, Office of Fellows’ Career Development at NIEHS. Send an email to:
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