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Circular FSA - Software Usage Agreement and Download

Developed by:

Shyamal D. Peddada
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Biostatistics Branch

Programmed by Dr. Miguel T. Fernandez, University of Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain


Suppose A and B are two species of organisms where { A1,A2,...,AG } is a set of cell cycle genes of species A and { B1,B2,...,BG } is the set of corresponding orthologs of species B. Suppose the phase angles of the set {A1,A2,...,AG} satisfy the following relative order around the unit circle: A1 < A2 < A3 < ... < AG < A1, where the notation A1 < A2 refers to "gene A2 follows gene A1 in its time to peak expression", then the program tests whether the orthologs {B1,B2,...,BG} satisfy the same relative order as the genes { A1,A2,...,AG }, i.e., it tests the null hypothesis B1 < B2 < B3 < ... < BG < B1 against the alternative that the order is not satisfied. If the null hypothesis is rejected then identifies the subset of g genes { BS1,BS2,...,BSg } which have the same relative order of time to peak expression as the corresponding subset { AS1,AS2,...,ASg } by eliminating genes which are out of order.

Software info:

The software is applicable to any version of SAS 9. or better. Details on how to use is provided in the README.pdf file.



Shyamal Peddada, Ph.D.
Former Chief, Biostatistics & Computational Biology Branch
7128 Parran Hall
130 DeSoto Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Tel 412-383-4802