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Selected Publications

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Group

  1. Zheng X, Pedersen LC, Gabel SA, Mueller GA, DeRose EF, London RE. Unfolding the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase RNase H domain--how to lose a molecular tug-of-war. Nucleic acids research 2016 44(4):1776-1788. [Abstract]
  2. Ogburn RN, Randall TA, Xu Y, Roberts JH, Morgan MS, Rider SD, Vyszenski-Hoher DL, Kissling GE, London RE, Pomes A, Arlian L, Fitzgerald MC, Mueller GA. Are dust mite allergens more abundant and/or more stable than other Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus proteins? The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology 2016 ():-. [Abstract]
  3. Mueller GA, Randall TA, Glesner J, Pedersen LC, Perera L, Edwards LL, Chapman MD, London RE, Pomes A. Serological, genomic and structural analyses of the major mite allergen Der p 23. Clinical and experimental allergy: journal of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2016 46(2):365-376. [Abstract]
  4. Johnson KL, Williams JG, Maleki SJ, Hurlburt BK, London RE, Mueller GA. Enhanced approaches for identifying Amadori products: application to peanut allergens. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2016 64(6):1406-1413. [Abstract]
  5. Singh D, Gawel D, Itsko M, Hochkoeppler A, Krahn JM, London RE, Schaaper RM. Structure of Escherichia coli dGTP triphosphohydrolase: a hexameric enzyme with DNA effector molecules. The Journal of biological chemistry 2015 290(60):10418-10429. [Abstract]
  6. Mueller GA, Pedersen LP, Glesner J, Edwards LL, Zakzuk J, London RE, Arruda LK, Chapman MD, Caraballo L, Pomes A. Analysis of glutathione S-transferase allergen cross-reactivity in a North American population: Relevance for molecular diagnosis. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 2015 136(5):1369-1377. [Abstract]
  7. Gabel SA, Smith CE, Cuneo MJ, Mueller GA, Kirby TW, DeRose EF, Krahn JM, London RE. Characterization of the redox transition of the XRCC1 N-terminal domain. Structure (London, England: 1993) 2014 22(12):1754-1763. [Abstract]
  8. Ghosh D, Mueller GA, Schramm G, Edwards LL, Petersen A, London RE, Haas H, Gupta-Bhattacharya S. Primary identification, biochemical characterization, and immunologic properties of the allergenic pollen cyclophilin cat R 1. The Journal of biological chemistry 2014 289(31):21374-21385. [Abstract]
  9. Zheng X, Pedersen LC, Gabel SA, Mueller GA, Cuneo MJ, DeRose EF, Krahn JM, London RE. Selective unfolding of one Ribonuclease H domain of HIV reverse transcriptase is linked to homodimer formation. Nucleic acids research 2014 42(8):5361-5377. [Abstract]
  10. Mueller GA, Ankney JA, Glesner J, Khurana T, Edwards LL, Pedersen LC, Perera L, Slater JE, Pomés A, London RE. Characterization of an anti-Bla g 1 scFv: Epitope mapping and cross-reactivity. Molecular immunology 2014 59(2):200-207. [Abstract]
  11. Mueller GA, Makeli SJ, Johnson K, Hurlburt BK, Cheng H, Ruan S, Nesbit JB, Pomés A, Edwards LL, Schorzman A, Deterding LJ, Park H, Tomer KB, London RE, Williams JG. Identification of Maillard reaction products on peanut allergens that influence binding to the receptor for advanced glycation end products. Allergy 2013 68(12):1546-1554. [Abstract]
  12. Horton JK, Stefanick DF, Gassman NR, Williams JG, Gabel SA, Cuneo MJ, Prasad R, Kedar PS, Derose EF, Hou EW, London RE, Wilson SH. Preventing oxidation of cellular XRCC1 affects PARP-mediated DNA damage responses. DNA repair 2013 12(9):774-785. [Abstract]
  13. Gabel SA, DeRose EF, London RE. XRCC1 interaction with the REV1 C-terminal domain suggests a role in post replication repair. DNA repair 2013 12(12):1105-1113. [Abstract]
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  15. Randall TA, Perera L, London RE, Mueller GA. Genomic, RNAseq, and Molecular Modeling Evidence Suggests That the Major Allergen Domain in Insects Evolved from a Homodimeric Origin. Genome biology and evolution 2013 5(12):2344-2358. [Abstract]
  16. Zheng X, Mueller GA, DeRose EF, London RE. Protein-mediated antagonism between HIV reverse transcriptase ligands nevirapine and MgATP. Biophysical journal 2013 104(12):2695-2705.  [Abstract]
  17. Odet F, Gabel S, London RE, Goldberg E, Eddy EM. Glycolysis and mitochondrial respiration in mouse LDHC null sperm. Biology of reproduction 2013 88(4):95-95. [Abstract]
  18. Zheng X, Mueller GA, DeRose EF, London RE. Metal and ligand binding to the HIV-RNase H active site are remotely monitored by Ile556. Nucleic acids research 2012 40(20):10543-10553. [Abstract]
  19. Kirby TW, DeRose EF, Cavanaugh NA, Beard WA, Shock DD, Mueller GA, Wilson SH, London RE. Metal-induced DNA translocation leads to DNA polymerase conformational activation. Nucleic Acids Research 2012 40(7):2974-83. [Abstract]
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