Advancing Environmental Health Equity Through Implementation Science

Virtual Event

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Opening Remarks

Lindsey Martin: Welcome and Workshop Overview (4MB)

Keynote Session

Rinad Beidas and Meghan Lane-Fall: Implementation Science - an Introduction (2MB)

Panel 1: Implementation Science in the Context of Environmental Health Disparities and Environmental Justice Research

Melissa Smarr: Future Directions in Environmental Health Disparities & Environmental Justice Research (785KB)

Veena Singla: Using Implementation Science to Advance Healthier Affordable Housing (522KB)

Ami Zota: Combating the Environmental Injustice of Beauty Through Implementation Science (794KB)

Tamarra James-Todd: Superfund Community Engagement: An Opportunity for Advancing Implementation Science (2MB)

Panel 2: Evidence Based Prevention and Interventions

Gwen Collman: Conceptualizing Implementation Science Approaches for Environmental Public Health Problems (579KB)

Aruni Bhatnagar: Green Heart Louisville (4MB)

Gina South: Making Black Lives Matter: Neighborhood Investments to Promote Health & Safety (2MB)

Lisa Thompson: Combustion of Plastic Water and Human Health Effects in Guatemala: Building a Dissemination and Implementation Research Agenda to Address Community-level Plastic Waste Burning in Rural Guatemala (5MB)

Panel 3: Emerging Environmental Health Issues – Climate Change and Disasters

Aubrey Miller: NIH Climate Change and Health Strategic Framework Focus (411KB)

Karletta Chief: Co-designing Off-grid Water Systems to Address Amplified Water Insecurities During a Pandemic (5MB)

Perry Sheffield: Emerging Environmental Health Issues (1MB)

Nicole Errett: Implementation Science & Disaster Research: Challenges & Opportunities (1MB)

Overview of Implementation Science Funding Opportunities and Program Staff Q&A

Lindsey Martin: 10 Key Ingredients for Implementation Science Grant Proposals (1MB)

Panel 4: Community and Multi-sectoral Partnerships

Liam O’Fallon: Community Engagement and Implementation Science (912KB)

Paloma Beamer: Community Health Workers As an Implementation Strategy for Exposure Science (2MB)

Natasha DeJarnett: Research Overview: Green Heart Study (1MB)

Katrina Korfmacher: Implementing Local Lead Policies: Rochester and Beyond (1MB)