Understanding and Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy: Lessons Learned from the Women's Health Awareness (WHA) Engagement with Communities of Color


Jared Peele Vaccine Rap

August 04, 2023


The Vaccine Confidence theme song “Tell Me the Truth” was written and performed by late hip-hop artist Jared Peele for NIEHS. Peele, a social justice activist, was born and raised in Halifax County, North Carolina. Aware of the health inequities and disparities surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in his community, he wanted to raise awareness about the vaccine to help build trust between his community and the medical community.

Jared strongly believed that rap would appeal to a younger demographic and provide a creative way to express the thoughts and beliefs about the COVID-19 vaccine as well as share, accurate vaccination health information.

His music to address the disparity between minorities and the medical communities will live on forever.