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IMACS Group Meeting 2007



-- Joint Breakfast Meeting of the JDM Working Group and IMACS*


-- Saturday November 10, 2007; Time: 6:45 - 9:00 AM


-- Location: The Westin Boston Waterfront - Room: Commonwealth Ballroom Section A & B


-- All are invited, including trainees, clinical coordinators and nurses



Breakfast Service begins
0700 - 0745
Moderators: Drs. Bianca Lang and David Isenberg
1. Cure JMMs. Jacquelyne DenUyl
2. The Myositis AssociationMr. Bob Goldberg
3. CARRA - JDM Practice SurveyDr. Brian Feldman
4. PRINTO JDM TrialDr. Nicola Ruperto
5. JDM Diagnostic Criteria StudyDr. Clarissa Pilkington
6. Myositis Classification Criteria ProjectDr. Ingrid Lundberg
7. Etanercept for Dermatomyositis TrialDr. Anthony Amato
8. Rituximab in Myositis (RIM) TrialDr. Chester Oddis
9. MITAX Computer ProgramDr. David Isenberg
10. IMACS Trials RepositoryDrs. Lisa Rider and Fred Miller
0745 - 0900
Moderators: Drs. Frederick Miller and Lisa Rider
1. Dendritic Cells in the Pathogenesis of Juvenile DermatomyositisDr. Ann Reed
2. Scientific Rationale for the Interferon-Alpha Blockade in DM/PMDr. Steven Greenberg
3. Endogenous Activation of the Type I Interferon System in Myositis - A role for Anti-Jo 1 or Anti-Ro?Dr. Ingrid Lundberg
4. Interferon response in JDM vs. SLEDr. Virginia Pascual
5. Relationship of Interferon Gene Expression to Disease Activity and DurationDr. Lauren Pachman
6. Anti-interferon alpha as a treatment for idiopathic inflammatory myopathyDr. Gregory Dennis


The generous support of sponsors Wyeth/Amgen, The Myositis Association and the Cure JM Foundation is appreciated.


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