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Office of Science Education & Diversity

...where outreach forwards access and opportunity!

Children in a science lab wearing protective eye gear.

The Office of Science Education & Diversity (OSED) coordinates local, state, and national outreach efforts designed to raise the awareness of students, teachers, parents, and scientists regarding the mission, research, and goals of the Institute. Additionally, OSED supports the Institute's diversity efforts to ensure the provision of opportunity and access to information that allows a greater understanding of environmental health science, career possibilities, and related educational preparation and training.

The Office of Science Education & Diversity is responsible for the following areas:

  • K-16 Science Education ("/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_contentid=7474&sys_revision=22&sys_variantid=639&sys_context=0&sys_authtype=0&sys_siteid=&sys_folderid=" sys_dependentvariantid="639" sys_dependentid="7474" inlinetype="rxhyperlink" rxinlineslot="103" sys_dependentid="7474" sys_siteid="" sys_folderid="") - Ensuring the quality and accuracy of all NIEHS science education materials and serving as a liaison to high schools, colleges, universities, and professional/community organizations to increase an understanding of the NIEHS mission, research, and goals.
  • Diversity in Research Training and Career Development - Providing assistance to students and health science professionals interested in a career in the environmental health sciences, especially those from underrepresented groups.
  • Community Forums - Establishing an open dialogue between NIEHS, members of the public, environmental health professionals, disease and environmental advocacy groups, and other federal, state, and local government health officials.
  • NIEHS Partners ("/Rhythmyx/assembler/render?sys_contentid=1276&sys_revision=12&sys_variantid=639&sys_context=0&sys_authtype=0&sys_siteid=&sys_folderid=" sys_dependentvariantid="639" sys_dependentid="1276" inlinetype="rxhyperlink" rxinlineslot="103" sys_dependentid="1276" sys_siteid="" sys_folderid="") - Building a coalition of grassroots advocacy organizations that support environmental health research.
  • NIEHS Campus Tours and Information Sessions - Providing information to K-12 students and teachers, as well as post-secondary science-based student groups/programs from surrounding colleges and universities regarding environmental health topics and related career options.
  • Speakers Bureau - Coordinating opportunities for NIEHS scientists, technicians, and administrators to speak about a variety of topics in environmental health sciences, as well as educational preparation and career paths. Speakers are also available as judges and/or to participate in science fairs and festivals.


Ericka Reid
Ericka L. Reid, Ph.D.
Director / Education Outreach & Diversity Specialist
Tel (919) 316-4767
111 T W Alexander Dr
Rall Building
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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John Schelp
John Schelp, M.P.A.
Special Assistant for Community Engagement and Outreach
Tel (919) 541-5723
Fax (919) 541-0273
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop K3-02
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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Delivery Instructions
Huei-Chen Lao
Huei-Chen Lao, M.S.
K-12 Science Education & Outreach Coordinator
Tel (919) 316-4891
Fax (919) 541-0146
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop B2-06
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

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