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Research Supplements at NIEHS

May 19, 2015 Submission Date Cancelled

May 19, 2015 Submission Date: NIEHS will not be accepting diversity supplements or regular administrative supplements. Proposals for specific supplement programs will not be affected. For questions, contact your program officer or Dr. Pat Mastin, (919) 541-3289 or

Office Worker

Hurricane Sandy affected grantees

Supplements submitted in response to the NIH FOA related to administrative supplements for grantees affected by Hurricane Sandy [ ] may be longer than 3 pages, but may not be longer than the research strategy page limit for the activity code of the parent grant.

Principal investigators holding NIEHS research grants may request supplemental funds for two purposes:

  • to meet unforeseen costs not included in the previous competitive or non-competitive application, or
  • to provide funding opportunities for special populations to enter or re-enter biomedical research.

Principal investigators at domestic institutions with an active NIEHS research grant, and with a reasonable period of research support (usually 2 years or more) remaining at the time of the supplemental award, are eligible to submit a request to NIEHS for an administrative supplement to the grant.

General Administrative Supplements

Supplemental funds can be requested for emergency or other unforeseen situations which result in unforeseen costs, such as natural or manmade disasters that damage the PI's lab or other research resources, failure of essential equipment, or unexpected or increased costs of recruiting subjects or performing laboratory analyses. Grantees may also request funds to update equipment or methodologies that have become out of date. The grantee must show that the new methodology will significantly enhance the quality of the data. Finally, under some circumstance, grantees may request funds to follow up on unanticipated results or to enhance components of their research that have in unexpectedly productive. However, these enhancements must be within the scope of research proposed and reviewed in the parent grant. Grantees should contact their Program Officer about this type of supplement.

Supplement Programs for Special Populations

Supplement programs are used to offer laboratory experience to a wide array of individuals including high school students, undergraduate students in health-related sciences, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, scientists re-entering the work force after taking time off for family responsibilities, etc. Individuals may receive support under these programs on only one grant at any time, but may be supported by more than one grant during their research careers.

In general, Review Meetings are typically held 2 weeks after Council. Submissions are normally due 6 weeks before Council.

*Specific dates will be posted for each round.

Due Dates for 2015
Submission Meeting
February 4 April 1
August 25 October 20

Superfund Research Program Supplements

The Superfund Research program provides administrative supplements primarily to promote technology transfer and application of program research findings to real-world situations. Supplements are also granted to address unforeseen issues and emergencies. For more information please contact your program administrator.

Application Procedures

Applications for general administrative supplements must include the following:

A completed face page (with appropriate signatures) from Grant Application Form PHS 398. Include the title and grant number of the parent grant on line 1 and the name "Administrative supplements for [insert appropriate type here]" on line 2.

A detailed budget using the PHS 398 form pages 4, 5, and the Checklist form page .

A brief three- page description, prepared by the Principal Investigator of the parent grant that includes:

  • A brief summary or abstract of the funded grant or project.
  • A description and research plan for the proposed supplement and how it relates to the specific research goals and objectives of the parent grant.
  • Justification of special circumstances that necessitate the supplement.

Documentation, if applicable, that the proposed research experience was approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or human subjects Institutional Review Board (IRB) at the grantee institution must be provided. Adherence to the NIH policy for including women and minorities in clinical studies must also be insured if additional human subjects' involvement is planned for the supplement component.

Each workforce diversity supplement has specific instructions that should be followed. Follow the links above to see the requirements.

All supplements should be submitted electronically by the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) to If an electronic submission is not possible, hard copies may be mailed to:

Grantees are encouraged to contact their program officers before submitting an administrative supplement.

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