Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH)

Evaluation Metrics

The PEPH Evaluation Metrics Manual provides examples of tangible metrics that PEPH grantees and program staff can use for both planning and evaluation. Example logic models are used as a means to develop evaluation metrics for cross-cutting PEPH themes such as Partnerships, Leveraging, Products and Dissemination, Education and Training and Capacity Building. PEPH grantees (including all project partners) are the primary target audience for this document.

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Metrics Manual

PEPH evaluation metrics manual cover

Please check out our PEPH Logic Model and Metrics videos:


  • An Instructor Guidance (705KB) document that provides a “lesson plan” for the workshop. It walks the instructor through the workshop presentation, handouts, and evaluation forms, providing suggestions for key messages and discussion questions.
  • A Participant Materials (3MB) document that provides handouts for three case studies instructors can use to conduct their workshop, as well as an evaluation form.
  • A PowerPoint Presentation (7MB) that contains slides the instructor can use to conduct the workshop using any of the three case studies covered in the Participant Materials. This file can be modified to fit the needs of the instructor.


NIEHS PEPH Logic Model and Metrics

Main Session Welcome and Logic

Main Session Metrics and Wrap Up

Capacity Building Logic

Capacity Building Metrics

Education Training Logic

Education Training Metrics

Mbeja Education Training Logic

Mbeja Education Training Metric

Partnerships Logic Model

Partnerships Metrics

Products Dissemination Logics

Products Dissemination Metrics

Economics Cost Analysis Metric

Economics Cost Analysis Logic

Report Back Logic

Report Back Metric

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