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SRP Annual Meeting Poster Winners

Superfund Research Program

In addition to traditional presentations and plenary sessions, the NIEHS Superfund Research Program (SRP) Annual Meeting includes a poster session to highlight cutting-edge science by SRP trainees. Each year, the poster competition provides an opportunity for graduate students to explain their innovative research findings and activities. Past poster winners include:


Environmental Science and Engineering Poster Winners

  • Kaylie Kirkwood, North Carolina State University: "Evaluating liver lipidome dysregulation following exposure to legacy and emerging per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)"
  • Emily Bonner, Oregon State University: "Evaluating firefighter PAH dermal exposure and turnout gear efficacy with silicone passive sampling"
  • Hannah Starnes, North Carolina State University: "Comparative assessment of PFAS binding affinities for serum albumin across species using Differential Scanning Fluorimetry"

Health Sciences Poster Winners

  • Mikayla Armstrong, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: "New RO membrane post-modification shows promise toward optimization for neutral solute removal from water"
  • Dillion King, Duke University: "Mitochondrial nucleoid dynamics following mtDNA damage"
  • Seonyong Park, University of Michigan: "Gestational exposure to phthalates and phthalate replacements in relation to neurodevelopmental delays in early childhood"


Environmental Science and Engineering Poster Winners

  • Meichen Wang, Texas A&M University: "Testing the Efficacy of Broad-Acting Sorbents for Environmental Mixtures using Isothermal Analysis, Mammalian Cells, and H. vulgaris"
  • Mathew Malecha, Texas A&M University: "Comparing Regional Drivers of Toxics Transferal Risk: Applying the Toxics Mobility Vulnerability Index in San Diego County, CA; Harris County, TX; and the State of Rhode Island"
  • Jessica Beard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: "Atlantic Killifish Retain PAH-Adapted Phenotype Following Elizabeth River Remediation"

Health Sciences Poster Winners

  • Brittany Rice, University of Kentucky: "Lack of Nrf2 Does Not Exacerbate the Detrimental Metabolic Outcomes Caused by In Utero PCB126 Exposure"
  • Jennifer Toyoda, University of Louisville: "Identification and functional characterization of the AHR2-dependent gene, wfikkn1, in zebrafish"
  • Aaron Whitt, University of Louisville: "Exploring the Role of Paraoxonase 2 in Non-small Cell Lung Carcinoma"
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