Robert Bullard, Ph.D.

In an NIEHS podcast, Robert Bullard, Ph.D., shares his knowledge and insights from more than 40 years as a leading voice in the environmental justice movement. Bullard, who co-directs the Maternal and Infant Environmental Health Riskscape Research Center at the Baylor College of Medicine, talks about what he sees for the future of the movement and the role of the next generation.

“Environmental justice is about health justice, climate justice, energy justice, food and water justice, and racial justice. It's one movement. And I think we find a lot of young people who see those connections. That's the kind of intergenerational mobilization that I see happening, I see converging, and I see a maturation of our larger justice movement. I'm optimistic, and I'm hopeful. And I see a lot of potential; I see a lot of change.”