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Mayor of Newburyport, MA with CycloPure team.

CycloPure, Inc. has adapted their SRP-funded technology, DEXSORB+, into several products to detect and remove per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from water. DEXSORB+ uses cup-shaped cyclodextrins, sugar molecules bound together into rings, to bind and remove PFAS.

Sustainability is one of CycloPure's top priorities. They ensure that all materials are properly disposed of or reused. For example, at their lab, they can recycle DEXSORB+ from used filters so it can be regenerated for a variety of water filtration purposes. They also give consumers the option to mail their used filters back to CycloPure's lab, where the contaminants can be converted into salts and safely disposed of without harming the environment.

Technology The company's line of DEXSORB+ adsorbents use renewable cup-shaped cyclodextrins, derived from corn starch, that can bind to and remove all 40 PFAS targeted in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) PFAS Roadmap . Their cyclodextrins are very small - 0.78 nanometers - which allows their filters to rapidly bind a variety of PFAS compounds faster and more efficiently than other filtration materials, like activated carbon.
Innovation CycloPure engineered DEXSORB+ into powder and granular forms. Their first commercial product, a water test kit, uses a filter paper made out of DEXSORB+ in powder form to test for PFAS in water samples. Their most recent product, a filter cartridge that is compatible with table top Brita pitchers, uses the granular form to provide up to 65 gallons of PFAS-free water for consumers. Also using the granular form of DEXSORB+, CycloPure developed a cartridge tank that can be used to remove PFAS at a larger scale, such as in faucets, drinking water treatment plants, and in wastewater treatment facilities. They are also collaborating with other treatment companies to develop strategies to remove PFAS in groundwater.
Contaminant and Media PFAS in drinking water
Principal Investigator Frank Cassou
Institution CycloPure, Inc.
Grant Number SB1ES029401
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