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New Research Highlights the Problem of Microplastic Pollution

New studies on plastic pollution in the world's oceans underscore the widespread issue of microplastics and tire wear particles and their effects on marine and human health.

looking at microplastics through a magnifying glass

View From the Street: Imaging Poverty and Wealth Around the World

By comparing visual images of cities through artificial intelligence modelling, researchers found that communities around the world have distinct characteristics that call for unique solutions.

Salvador city

Voices From the Field: Cognitive Assessments of Children Provided Insight into Andean Culture

Studying the effects of household air pollution on maternal and child health in Puno, Peru, provided CJ Reuland the opportunity to immerse herself in rich Indigenous cultures and traditions.

Consortium of Universities for Global Health 2023 Video Competition Winners & New Heat-Related EMS Activation Surveillance Dashboard

The Consortium of Universities for Global Health held their annual video competition to highlight global health issues and solutions. Also, the HHS Office of Climate Change and Health Equity launched the Heat-Related EMS Activation Surveillance Dashboard.

Implementation Science Is a Global Research Area at NIEHS

NIEHS is part of a NIH-wide effort to promote implementation science, a field that explores how to foster adoption and integration of public health interventions.

Grants and Funding

Grants of interest to GEH researchers.