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Your Environment. Your Health.

December 2020 Past Issues Superfund Research Program Science Digest

Superfund Research Program Science Digest
Balancing Scientific Excellence with Research Relevance

Welcome to the Superfund Basic Research and Training Program (SRP) Science Digest!

Below you'll find a compilation of SRP research, which provides practical, scientific solutions to protect health, the environment, and communities. For more information about the program, visit the SRP website.

You also can view past issues of the Science Digest.


Environmental factors such as air and water quality are important drivers of health and well-being. These exposure burdens combine with other social determinants of health, such as age, gender, education, race, and income, to create health disparities. As described in the 2020 SRP Strategic Plan, SRP encourages investigators to address environmental health concerns among populations facing environmental health disparities and other vulnerable groups.

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Science Leadership

Superfund Research Program (SRP) staff and grantees are committed to advancing research by presenting innovative findings, tools, and technologies to stakeholders in academia, government, and communities.

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