February 08, 2021

Melissa Smarr, Ph.D.
(Photo courtesy of Melissa Smarr)

Since we last caught up with Melissa Smarr, Ph.D., at the HERCULES Center, she has become a health scientist administrator for the NIEHS Population Health Branch of the Division of Extramural Research and Training. Smarr says she has been interested in the various aspects of research administration since she was doctoral student. Her current position provides opportunity to address emerging areas of research from a broader perspective. Smarr also noted that science communication is an exciting part of her research journey.

Smarr is integrally involved in several research programs. She joins Lindsey Martin and Liam O’Fallon to advance research and training related to environmental health disparities and environmental justice. Smarr hopes to collaborate with the institute’s partners who are at the forefront of environmental and reproductive justice projects. The intersectionality of environmental and reproductive health challenges in marginalized communities is an area of environmental health science that she hopes to support.

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