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New Research Highlights Health Effects of Pesticides on Mothers and Their Children

The Infants' Environmental Health Study has made inroads in evaluating pesticide-related health risks in mothers and infants living in banana-growing areas in Costa Rica.

small airplane releasing pesticides near homes

Microplastics May Increase Risk for Obesity

Human exposure to microplastics and plastic additives may be linked to an increased risk for obesity, according to a study funded by NIEHS.

plastic particles and pieces scattered in the sand

Voices From the Field: Finding Links Between Nutrition and Global Maternal Health

Anita Subramanian, Ph.D., visiting fellow at NIEHS, describes how research on vitamin D could inform strategies to improve maternal health.

Climate, Food, and Nutrition

In this podcast episode, we speak with plant physiologist Lewis Ziska, Ph.D., associate professor of environmental health sciences at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Worker Training Workshop Increases Awareness of Climate Change Challenges

The NIEHS Worker Training Program sought to increase awareness of the effects climate change may have on occupational health and hazards.

Grants and Funding

Grants of interest to GEH researchers.
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