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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Your Environment. Your Health.

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NIH Rallies Together to Develop Framework for Climate Change and Health
Months of collaboration and planning set the stage for a new NIH-wide climate change and health research initiative.

Climate Change and Health Initiative Framework cover

For Insight Into Cookstove Use, Researchers Turn to Behavioral Science
Researchers investigate reasons underlying the discontinuance of efficient cookstoves among pregnant Ghanian women in a study funded by NIEHS.

men gathered around a kettle on a fire pit in an open-air structure

Voices From the Field: Reflections on Restorative and Mechanistic Approaches to Environmental Science and Health Research on Indigenous Lands
University of New Mexico METALS Superfund Research Program alumnus Cherie De Vore, Ph.D., grounds her research in her Diné identity.

New APHA Infographics Visually Detail How Climate Change Impacts Health
APHA has released infographics detailing how climate change affects human health through environmental pathways such as air quality, extreme weather, rising temperatures, and vector-borne diseases.

NIEHS Initiative Aims to Harmonize Language in Environmental Health Science
The Environmental Health Language Collaborative, a new NIEHS initiative, spurs the development and adoption of new approaches to describing and categorizing environmental health sciences research.

Grants and Funding
Grants of interest to GEH researchers.