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Your Environment. Your Health.

Green Champion Award

  • FY2018 HHS Green Champions Award Winner: Water Use Efficiency & Management

    This award recognized NIEHS for the Vivarium Water Reduction Project

    The NIEHS Comparative Medicine Branch (CMB) team took measures to reduce water use associated with vivarium cage wash operations. Following study and analysis, CMB purchased and installed a new high-efficiency cage and rack washer to support a portion of its cage processing operations. Additionally, CMB has adopted the use of high-efficiency, high-performance cage and husbandry equipment and optimized cage management practices, further reducing water demands. The cage processing operations that are being supported by this new equipment and improved practices are projected to reduce water use by over 80%, saving an estimated 167,000 gallons of water annually.

  • FY2018 HHS Green Champions Award Winner: Green Hero Video Outreach

    The NIEHS received this award for the Environmental Management System (EMS) Awareness Training Project

    The NIEHS developed a unique web-based interactive training program to support efforts to reduce environmental impacts, increase awareness of sustainable practices, and promote our campus Environmental Management System (EMS). The training program was produced through a team effort that combined skill sets from the NIEHS EMS Work Group, our on-site arts and photography contractors, along with creative graphics design personnel.

  • FY2018 HHS Green Champions Award Winner: Green Labs

    This award recognized the NIH Sustainability Management Team, which includes NIEHS representation, for developing the NIH Green Labs Program

    NIH developed the 2018 NIH Green Labs Program (GLP) to provide a central repository of information about sustainable laboratory policies, programs, and practices, to be used by laboratory personnel who are interested in protecting human health and the environment through their participation. The program was an initiative of the Sustainability Management Team to inform, encourage, and award NIH laboratories for following sustainable lab practices. Laboratory personnel used a self-assessment tool to identify their participation in initiatives ranging from energy and water conservation, freezer management, chemical waste, medical pathological waste, radioactive waste, waste reduction, recycling, green chemistry, inventory management, and outreach. Laboratories that met or exceeded the minimum criteria were recognized with a Green Lab Certificate.

  • Wildlife and Industry Together Certification

    Wildlife and Industry Together (WAIT) is a North Carolina Wildlife Federation program that encourages the protection and enhancement of wildlife on industrial or commercial lands. In 2005, NIEHS was the first organization in the Research Triangle Park to become WAIT certified. We remain committed to this important program and continually look for new ways to protect, enhance and support over 300 acres of undeveloped land and the 27-acre Discovery Lake.

    Our wildlife enhancements include butterfly gardens as well as nest boxes for multiple bird species including bluebirds, nuthatches, purple martins and wood ducks. Through our efforts, the NIEHS Campus remains a sanctuary for native wildlife including but not limited to deer, beaver, otters, groundhogs, wild turkeys along with various waterfowl, turtles, and amphibians. In addition, over 125 species of birds have been sighted on campus.

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