Aerial shot of NIEHS building 101

Mission Statement

NIEHS Mission: The mission of NIEHS is to discover how the environment affects people in order to promote healthier lives.

I&IT Mission: The NIEHS I&IT mission is to provide innovative and reliable cyberinfrastructure that advances environmental health science and promotes healthier lives.

The CLC manages NIEHS systems that empower the use of information and computing technologies, providing oversight and governance. The committee ensures that the institute has a reliable and secure I&IT foundation, integrating systems, and expertise essential for the scientific and administrative mission. In doing so, the CLC strives to meet the challenge of delivering I&IT services that meet federal regulations and mandates, while proactively supporting dynamic I&IT goals and maintaining a clear focus on user satisfaction.

I&IT plays a critical role in enabling scientific discovery, in facilitating scientific collaborations and team-based science, and in communicating findings to the broader community. Advances in scientific computing and data science are providing business technology and communications systems used in the day-to-day operations of the institute, and altering how discoveries are made and communicated. The committee recognizes that the mission extends beyond traditional IT boundaries, and that achieving this mission includes providing leadership in advancing the capabilities and usage of computing and data technologies, as well as providing leadership in cyberinfrastructure governance.

This roadmap defines governance, goals, priorities, and strategies to support NIEHS in its mission to uncover the complex dependencies between health and the environment, and to use those discoveries to promote healthier lives. It also frames the implementation priorities and plans that the CLC uses to achieve its mission.

Vision Statement

NIEHS Vision: The vision of NIEHS is to provide global leadership for innovative research that improves public health by preventing disease and disability.

I&IT Vision: The NIEHS I&IT vision is to empower and catalyze the translation of data to knowledge to action and improve public health through the application of transformative cyberinfrastructures.