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  1. How do I determine if I’m eligible to apply for a ViCTER award?
    Investigators with an NIEHS R01 are eligible to apply for ViCTER if they have greater than or equal to 2 years remaining on their parent R01 as of the earliest start date for that round of applications (December 2017, December 2018, and December 2019).  If the investigator is requesting 3 years of ViCTER support, there must be 3 years remaining on the parent award as of the earliest start date for that round.

    For example, PD/PIs with an NIEHS R01 with an end date on or after December 2019 (2 years of funding) or December 2020 (3 years of funding) are eligible for the first submission (due March 2017).
  2. I’d like to collaborate with an epidemiologist but my current award doesn’t include human subjects, what would be needed for a ViCTER award?
    The purpose of ViCTER is to encourage multidisciplinary research, so projects that include additional human components would be eligible for a ViCTER award. If an application is adding a human component, PD/PIs are encouraged to consult with their collaborators and institutions to receive the required IRB approvals for the proposed project.
  3. My parent grant includes animal subjects, when and how should that be coordinated between institutions?
    It is recommended that PD/PIs work with their collaborators and institutions to determine what IACUC approvals will be needed to add additional personnel or to work with animals at additional sites and/or institutions.  If additional animal protocols that are not currently approved as part of the parent grant are required, the PI must work with the collaborators and institutions to determine the necessary approvals.
  4. Is there a limit on the number of collaborators/additional projects included on the application?
    ViCTER requires that there be at least 2 new collaborators, but there is no maximum specified. However, the scope and scale of the proposed project must be in line with the proposed budget and the length of the award (2 or 3 years)
  5. I have two new collaborators I’d like to work with but they are both at the same institution as me, am I still eligible for ViCTER?
    Yes. While NIEHS recommends that at least one of the collaborators be at a different institution from the PD/PI, this is not a requirement. However, the additional investigators must be new collaborators for the PD/PI.  A new collaborator is defined as someone who has not published with the PD/PI within the last five years (excluding reviews, white papers etc.).
  6. What topic areas are priorities for ViCTER?
    All areas relevant to environmental health science are eligible for ViCTER. PD/PIs are encouraged to contact their Program Administrator of the parent R01 to discuss whether their area of interest is within the NIEHS mission.
  7. If I have a ViCTER award and I receive a No-Cost Extension on my parent grant, can I continue my ViCTER supplement in the No-Cost Extension?
  8. Is a potential No-Cost Extension on my parent grant factored into my eligibility to apply for the ViCTER supplement?
    No. The PD/PI must have at least 2 years of funding remaining on the parent R01 at the time of the earliest start date for that round of applications (December 2017, December 2018, and December 2019).
  9. I have some more ideas to continue my collaboration, can a ViCTER award be extended or renewed?
    ViCTER awards cannot be extended with additional funds or renewed.  PD/PIs and their collaborators are encouraged to contact their Program Administrator to discuss additional funding opportunities to support their project(s) prior to completion of the ViCTER award period.
  10. I have a P01/R21/R01 that is through a non-NIEHS funding agency, am I eligible for ViCTER?
    No. PD/PIs must have a current NIEHS R01 to be eligible for a ViCTER award.
  11. I am not eligible for ViCTER, are there any other mechanisms for collaboration at NIEHS?
    NIEHS provides a number of grant mechanisms to support collaboration and interdisciplinary research, including multi-project and multi-investigator consortia grants. Investigators are encouraged to visit the NIEHS website for current funding opportunities as well as contact relevant program administrators with specific questions regarding these programs.
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