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Your Environment. Your Health.

Currently Funded Grantees

Research to Action

Institution Principal Investigator Project Title
Rand Corporation Ramya Chari, Ph.D. Addressing Fugitive Chemical Health Risks through Community-Based Actions
University of Michigan Amy Schulz, Ph.D.
Stuart Batterman, Ph.D.
Community Action to Promote Healthy Environments
University of Kentucky Steven Browning, Ph.D.
Nancy Schoenberg, Ph.D.
Community-Engaged Research and Action to Reduce Respiratory Disease in Appalachia
University of Washington Catherine Karr, M.D., Ph.D. Home Air In Agriculture - Pediatric Intervention Trial (HAPI)
University of Illinois, Chicago Susan Buchanan, M.D.
Mark Turyk, Ph.D.
Promoting Healthy Seafood Choices in Asian Communities
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Elaine Symanski, Ph.D. Sustainable Solutions to Metal Air Pollution in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods
Public Health Institute Paul English, Ph.D. Use of Community-Based Mapping and Monitoring to Reduce Air Pollution Exposures
Emory University Michele Marcus, Ph.D. Collaborative Research and Action: Empowering an Exposed Community
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