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Your Environment. Your Health.

PEPH E-News May 2013

Volume 4, Issue 5: May 2013

PEPH E-News Header

Welcome to the May edition of the PEPH Newsletter!

As PEPH partners, we are often engaging community members and stakeholders as well as creating and sharing resources to improve public health. In this newsletter, we share information to help you connect and learn in new ways. We encourage you to venture into social media, and include some tips to get you started. Topics this month include asthma in honor of Asthma Awareness Month .

Through PEPH we try to engage audiences through podcasts, webinars , Twitter , grantee highlights, and the PEPH Newsletter. The success of those efforts is related to knowing about the work you do. Send us your news or event announcements for the next PEPH Newsletter! Email us ( to subscribe, and forward this newsletter to your colleagues.

Social Media Going Strong at Oregon State University SRP Research Translation Core

As social media becomes a more common form of communication, public health professionals are exploring ways to use social media to share information and create dialogues. Naomi Hirsch, Ed.M. at the Oregon State University (OSU) Superfund Research Program Research Translation Core and OSU EHSC Community Outreach and Engagement Core has created several social media outlets that are active and going strong. Hirsch helps manage the OSU SRP and COEC Facebook page, a very active Twitter account , a YouTube channel , and a Pinterest page . Hirsch also created a resource page to help people new to social media get started.

Hirsch encourages "thinking differently about how we create materials for the public so we can have greater impact and reach more people." Audiences appreciate more visuals and multimedia. She plans to use more videos to translate research while providing training to graduate students on communicating their science online. SRP Trainee Andy Larkin won second place in the Scholars' Insights competition for his 3-minute talk on Air, Asthma, and Apps. Hirsch says, "Social media is designed for multi-directional communication, and people will understand the science if we engage in conversations. That's why I work so hard in utilizing it."

You can read more about Hirsh in the PEPH Grantee Highlights!

Communication Research PEPH Webinar

Communication research focuses on how social, behavioral, and cultural factors influence risk communication. Learn about how information is received, understood, and applied in the next PEPH webinar, "Communication Research ," on May 23, 2013 from 12:30-2:00 p.m. ET. Register online.

Integrated Approaches to Reducing Workers' Health Disparities

A recent article in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine applies a socio-ecological perspective to promote integrated approaches to improve the health of low-income workers. The authors include Sharon Beard, M.S., of the NIEHS Worker Education and Training Program.

Measuring Engagement and Partnership Webinar

The National Cancer Institute Implementation Science Team is hosting a webinar, "Measuring " on May 20, 2013, 3:00–4:00 p.m. ET. Register online . Click on the "+" next to the registration button for a description of the webinar.

Upcoming PEPH-related Meetings

June 10, 2013: "NIEHS WETP Awardee Meeting" in Washington D.C.; register until May 17, 2013.

June 11-12, 2013: "CPWR/NIOSH Safety Culture Workshop" in Washington, D.C.; register until May 17, 2013 (location at the same hotel as the WETP Awardee Meeting above).

June 17-20, 2013: "2013 URISA GIS in Public Health Conference " in Miami, Florida, on the use of GIS for public health access, processes, and decision-making.

July 9-11, 2013: National Environmental Health Association's "2013 Annual Educational Conference & Exhibition " in Washington, D.C.

July 29-31, 2013: "Environmental Health Disparities and Environmental Justice Meeting: Identifying Priorities for Action" in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Asthma and Children's Environmental Health Webinar

This month's EPA/NIEHS Children's Centers webinar will be "Asthma" featuring Kari Nadeau, M.D., Ph.D. , from Stanford University; Rachel Miller, M.D. , from Columbia University; and Elizabeth Matsui, M.D., M.H.S. , from Johns Hopkins University. The webinar will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 from 1:00–2:30 p.m. ET. Register online .

Asthma Concerns and Action in Chicago EJ Video

Kimberly Wasserman and the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization successfully led a push to close two coal-fired power plants in Chicago. She was awarded the Goldman Prize for her environmental justice work.

Communication and Exposure Beliefs Grantee Highlighted at NIEHS

Edith Parker, Dr.P.H. , assessed community members' current understanding and beliefs about toxic exposures to inform risk communication strategies, as reported in Science of the Total Environment . Her work is highlighted in the NIEHS Environmental Factor this month.

EPA Community Engagement Initiative Seeks Comments

The Community Engagement Initiative at the U.S. EPA seeks to promote and enhance community involvement in Superfund and other waste site cleanup programs. EPA compiled a draft "Compilation of Possible EPA Activities to Engage Communities" document, and seeks public comment engagement practitioners until May 31, 2013.

PEPH Podcast on Breast Cancer and Our Everyday Lives

Environmental Health Chat logo

A new podcast in the PEPH series, Environmental Health Chat, features Jeanne Rizzo, R.N., discussing translation of breast cancer research into messages that help inform the decisions we make in our everyday lives. This podcast is Part Two in a series on Breast Cancer and the Environment.

Funding Opportunities

Visit the PEPH Funding Opportunity Announcements page for more PEPH-related funding opportunities.

Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Research Opportunities in Environmental Health Sciences (R21) when an unpredictable opportunity has arisen to collect human biosamples or exposure data, and rapid review and funding is needed. Monthly due dates; next due date June 2, 2013.

Understanding and Promoting Health Literacy. Upcoming deadlines: new R01 - June 5; new R03 and R21 - June 16, 2013. IMPORTANT: NIEHS and other Institutes have included specific language for this solicitation.

Research to Action: Assessing and Addressing Community Exposures to Environmental Contaminants (R01) . Next deadline (new R01): June 5, 2013.

Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) of Genomic Research. Upcoming deadlines: new R01 - June 5; new R03 and R21 - June 16; renewal R01 - July 5, 2013.

Science for Sustainable and Healthy Tribes (EPA STAR Program) . Deadline: June 25, 2013. EPA will hold three webinars to discuss this RFA and respond to questions. Dates will be posted online .


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