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Your Environment. Your Health.

Request for Information (2007)

Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH)


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On November 23, 2007 the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) released a Notice ( NOT-ES-08-002 ) soliciting feedback from the public, environmental health researchers, healthcare professionals, educators, policy makers and others with a vested interest in the effects of environmental exposures on public health. This Request for Information (RFI) was directed toward the establishment of a 5–10 year plan for a new, unified program titled, "Partnerships for Environmental Public Health" (PEPH) to promote and advance partnerships for environmental public health. NIEHS encouraged "out of the box, innovative, visionary" ideas and comments to help revitalize, stimulate and shape NIEHS activities in environmental public health.


The following series of documents is the compilation of all the responses to the RFI. Responses arrived in a variety of formats: email, interactive pdf form, MS Word documents, regular pdf documents, letters and faxes. NIEHS copied and pasted all responses into a spreadsheet for analysis purposes. Each response received a Response Number as it was entered into the master spreadsheet. During this process, the Institute did not change the content of the documents; however, formatting, in some instances, was lost. If typos were found, they were fixed. Names of the respondents were not included in the spreadsheet.

The series of documents are:

  1. Full Introduction (62KB)
  2. Demographics (56KB) This document provides readers with context for the respondents who completed Question 7 of the RFI.
  3. RFI Executive Summary (296KB)
  4. Question 1: What are your Needs? (389KB)  
  5. Question 2A: Opportunities and Roadblocks for the development of educational and outreach materials? (307KB)
  6. Question 2B: Opportunities and Roadblocks for research: Biomedical research, evaluation research, communication/dissemination research, and other research (206KB)
  7. Question 3: Highest priority tools and resources? (173KB)
  8. Question 4: Important scientific themes, exposures, health outcomes, or other issues? (214KB)
  9. Question 5: What research approaches should be a part of the program? (171KB)
  10. Question 6: What new partnerships need to be developed? (174KB)  


If you have questions, comments or concerns about this series of documents, please contact:

Liam O'Fallon, M.A.
Health Specialist
Tel 984-287-3298
Fax 919-316-4606

In the SUBJECT line of email correspondence, please write, "PEPH RFI" tel (919) 541-7733

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