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Your Environment. Your Health.

Framework and Goals

Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH)

The Partnerships for Environmental Public Health Program (PEPH) will provide a structure to coordinate and support a variety of research and dissemination activities. Initiatives under the umbrella of PEPH will be designed to provide grant support in five major categories: research, communication and dissemination research, training and education, coordination, and evaluation.

For the purposes of this program, Environmental Public Health is defined as the science of conducting and translating research into action to address environmental exposures and health risks of concern to the public. This is accomplished through the dissemination of science-based information about environmental risks and diseases to communities and other stakeholders. By fostering partnerships between and among community residents/organizations, researchers, and other stakeholders in the research process, vital information about the linkages between exposures and disease can be used to promote health and reduce the risk of disease across the populations at highest risk.

A hallmark of this program is that communities will be actively engaged in all stages of the research, dissemination, and evaluation. Emphasis will be placed on robust research to investigate linkages between exposure and disease, as well as research and evaluation to improve the theories, methods, and implementation strategies for working with communities to address their environmental health concerns. The program will emphasize both scientific advances and development of practical materials for use in communities, with a focus on translating research findings into tools, materials, and resources that can be used by a variety of audiences to prevent, reduce, or eliminate adverse health outcomes caused by environmental exposures.

The PEPH program has identified the following four goals:

  1. Strategically coordinate and integrate the various new and existing initiatives that involve communities and scientists working together on contemporary issues in Environmental Public Health research.
  2. Develop and evaluate strategies to communicate environmental public health messages to a diversity of audiences.
  3. Create and provide materials to increase awareness and literacy about environmental health risks.
  4. Evaluate program contributions to the advancement of environmental public health.

By developing a number of funding opportunities in this field over the next ten years, NIEHS intends to provide multiple ways for researchers and communities to obtain support for innovative and creative activities that will place them under the umbrella of PEPH. Through this extramural program NIEHS will promote ways that investigators and communities can regularly choose from on-going Program Announcements, submit unsolicited applications, or respond to funding announcements with set-asides in order to support their endeavors.

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