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Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH)

Evaluation is a critical component of the Partnerships for Environmental Public Health Program (PEPH) at many levels. NIEHS is committed to fostering project evaluation at the individual research project level in order to fully understand and appreciate the effectiveness of research-community partnerships and the impact of research results for Public Health change at the local, regional and national levels. We are exploring the cost impact and feasibility of requiring such evaluations in all PEPH research projects. NIEHS is also interested in developing a cohesive plan for program evaluation that can be implemented at the inception of this new program. This will require the identification of clear program goals, the collation of existing tools for evaluation, and the development of a data collection scheme for all grantees in the program over time. NIEHS also is interested in the development of new evaluation tools and instruments that might be necessary to better quantify the impact of research and action related to community-based environmental health issues and concerns.

PEPH evaluation resources include the PEPH Evaluation Metrics Manual (12MB) and the related PEPH Evaluation Metrics Web-based Training.

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