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Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH)

In order to assure the full utility of the products of the Partnerships for Environmental Public Health Program (PEPH), it is critical that NIEHS provide to its grantees and stakeholders convenient access to the materials and tools developed under PEPH. In the past NIEHS developed a web-based repository for all outreach and education materials created as part of many sponsored research and translation projects. Through a contracting mechanism, a Resource Center will again be supported to manage this repository. Work will be done in conjunction with the NIEHS Office of Communications. Many responders to our RFI and at our workshop spoke to the fact that NIEHS is looked upon by state and local health departments, community organizations, and other stakeholders as an unbiased and credible source of information on contemporary environmental health issues. In order to enhance our ability to disseminate research-based information from the PEPH program, coordination between grantees, stakeholders, and the NIEHS is essential.

Regular grantee meetings will be held, bringing together the diverse group of participants in all facets of the PEPH program. In addition to sharing results from individual research projects these meetings will have the goal of educating participants in topics such as capacity building, evaluation methods, and best practices in community-based research. There will be a goal of broader sharing of ideas between and among participants in the multiple components than in the past programs.

There is also a need for coordination with different components within NIEHS and NIH and with other federal agencies, foundations, and other partners. These will be identified and handled by the appropriate offices at NIEHS.

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