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Your Environment. Your Health.

Communication and Dissemination Research

Partnerships for Environmental Public Health (PEPH)

In order to build environmental health literacy and effectively disseminate science-based information resulting from Environmental Public Health research, NIEHS has the opportunity through this program to advance the research base in health communication and health education, and to develop and test new and innovative communication strategies applied to environmental health concerns. In addition to the creation of effective and credible outreach and education materials, which traditionally include fact sheets, videos, and community forums, the Partnerships for Environmental Public Health program (PEPH) will develop a new component that will focus on research dedicated to the development and testing of messaging strategies, dissemination modes, and the use of new technologies such as social networking. It will be important to understand the effectiveness of traditional and new approaches as established and new partners work together to enhance dissemination of information and compare results across different populations.

New materials will be developed as part of many of the PEPH programs, such as the NIEHS Core Centers outreach and education cores, the Superfund Basic Research Program's research translation and outreach cores, the Worker Education and Training Program, and various individual and Center research projects. We will also develop new educational materials for children in grades K-12 in the future. The results from communication and dissemination research within the PEPH program will assist in the dissemination of these educational and outreach materials.

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