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Your Environment. Your Health.

'Green' Jobs training for the future

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Audrey R. Gotsch, Dr.P.H., CHES

Dean, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - School of Public Health

"Support received from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 has enabled the New Jersey-New York Hazardous Materials Worker Training Center to expand the training programs offered for workers who are unemployed or are less than fully employed. The training in hazardous waste clean-up and green jobs is provided by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ)-School of Public Health, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH), and the New York District Council of Carpenters. In addition, a minority worker training program called BuildingWorks has been conducted by the New York District Council of Carpenters for the residents of NYC."

Audrey R. Gotsch, Dr.P.H., CHES

Audrey R. Gotsch, DrPH, CHES

"Support received from ARRA has enabled us to expand the training programs offered for workers who are unemployed or are less than fully employed."

- Audrey R. Gotsch, Dr.P.H., CHES

"The Center also developed a new collaboration with the Hope Community Outreach Center (HCOC) of Camden, New Jersey to provide public health related training to residents of the Whitman Park section of Camden. This program provides participants with the opportunity to gain viable work skills to qualify for employment within the lead and asbestos abatement fields, and in the process, improve their communities. Program participants also gained assistance in applying for licenses and permits through the New Jersey Department of Labor that enables them to be eligible for new jobs. Trainees received hands-on asbestos control and lead abatement training at the School of Public Health’s Centers for Education and Training in Piscataway, New Jersey."

Evelio Torriente - ARRA Success Story
Previously a part-time security guard, Torriente is now a technician in the solar energy industry.

Evelio Torriente - ARRA Success Story

Evelio Torriente entered the BuildingWorks pre-apprenticeship program at the NYC Carpenters Union (funded through ARRA), looking for a major life change. The father of two had steadily worked as a security guard, but only part-time, without benefits and with no hope for advancement. Evelio had always had an interest in construction, and through a local community-based organization, he heard about a job training program in construction and green industries. "I really wanted a career. At BuildingWorks I received top-rate training by instructors and staff that actually cared about my future."

Today, Evelio is working for Solar One, the leading non-profit in New York promoting energy efficiency and providing training to other community groups and job trainees in weatherization techniques and solar panel installation. Working as a technician and teaching assistant, Evelio is able to hone his craft while helping to educate the community. "I never really thought about the environment much before. But now I’m doing a job that I love and at the same time doing something for the planet."

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