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Nanomaterials Health Implications Research (NHIR) Consortium Grantees

Title Principal Investigator Institution
Engineered Nanomaterial Synthesis, Characterization and Method Development Center for Nano-Safety Research  Philip Demokritou Harvard School of Public Health
Early Life ENM-Exposure and the Impact on Neurobehavioral and Cardiovascular Outcomes and Biochemical Mechanisms  Ninell Pollas Mortensen; Timothy R. Fennell; Susan J. Sumner Research Triangle Institute
Toxicological Profiling of Engineered Nanomaterials (ENMs) in the MPS (RES)  Andre Elias Nel; Tian Xia University of California, Los Angeles
Organ on Chip Technology to Evaluate Engineered Nanomaterial Toxicity  Kevin Kit Parker Harvard University
Respiratory and Ocular Toxicity of Inhaled Nanomaterials  Kent Pinkerton; Sara M. Thomasy; Laura S. Van Winkle University of California, Davis
Multidimensional In Vivo Assessments of Engineered Nanomaterials and Biological Interactions  Robert L. Tanguay Oregon State University
Biological Response Profiles of Selected Engineered Nanomaterials after Perinatal Exposure  Peter S. Thorne University of Iowa
Key Events of Modulation of Lung Infection Susceptibility by Nanomaterials  Brian D. Thrall Battelle Pacific Northwest Laboratories
Nano-Response: Immune Stimulation, Microbiome, Perturbation, and Impacts from Protein Corona  Wenwan Zhong University of California, Riverside
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