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Outstanding New Environmental Scientist (ONES) Alumni

Name Institution Title
Jesus Araujo University of California Los Angeles Effects of particulate air pollution on HDL function and atherosclerosis
Thomas Begley State University of New York at Albany The Roles of Trm9 and tRNA Methylation in the DNA Damage Response
Michelle Bell Yale University National Assessment of the Mortality and Morbidity Effects of Tropospheric Ozone
Michael Borchers University of Cincinnati Shared Mechanisms of Pulmonary Lymphocyte Activation by Bacteria and Toxicants
Stephania Cormier Louisiana State University, Health Sciences Center New Orleans Combustion Generated PM0.1 and Predisposition to Asthma
Wenbin Deng University of California Davis Oligodendrocytes, Glutamate Receptors, and Lead Neurotoxicity
Cheryl Fattman University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh The role of ECSODF in lung repair after silica-induces injury
John Hollingsworth Duke University Ozone Primes Pulmonary Innate Immunity
Sven-Eric Jordt Yale University TRPA1 Channels in Sensory Neurons as Targets for Environmental Irritants
Gokhan Mutlu Northwestern University Mechanisms of airborne particulate matter induced thrombosis
Laura Niedernhofer University of Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh The contribution of DNA interstrand crosslinks to aging
Timothy Nurkiewicz West Virginia University Remote Microvascular Dysfunction After Particulate Matter Exposure
Marie O'Neill University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Air Pollution, Inflammation and Preterm Birth: A Mechanistic Study in Mexico City
Heather Patisaul North Carolina State University Raleigh Endocrine Disruption of the Hypothalamic Signaling That Regulates Puberty
Angela Slitt University of Rhode Island Effect of nutritional status on MRP2 expression and biliary excretion of bisphenol
Heather Stapleton Duke University Children's Exposure to Flame Retardants: Effects on Thyroid Hormone Regulation
Donna Zhang University of Arizona The protective role of Nrf2 in arsenic-induced toxicity and carcinogenicity

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