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Your Environment. Your Health.

Leslie J. Reinlib

Exposure, Response, and Technology Branch (ERTB)

Leslie J. Reinlib, Ph.D.
Les Reinlib, Ph.D.
Health Scientist Administrator;
Program Director
Tel 984-287-3310
Fax 919-316-4606
P.O. Box 12233
Mail Drop K3-04
Durham, N.C. 27709

Les Reinlib, Ph.D., is a health scientist administrator in the Susceptibility and Population Health Branch. He is director for the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program, a nationwide study on the impact of exposures at specific life points such as puberty and pregnancy on the predisposition for breast cancer. He is also director for the Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers that support broad research on exposures, health, and disease at major U.S. universities. Reinlib develops and administers programs in molecular and experimental carcinogenesis, genome integrity, environmental toxicology, and stem cell and developmental biology.

Reinlib received a B.S. and M.S. in biology from the University at Albany and a doctorate in natural sciences and biochemistry from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He was on the faculty of Tufts University – New England Medical Center and later the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine before joining NIH in 1990. Throughout his career, Reinlib has worked with laboratory and clinical investigators focusing on cellular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis. He has published reports on stem cell biology and therapy, genome integrity, environmental origins of lupus, mechanisms of heart failure, and second messenger regulation in a variety of health disorders.

Areas of Specialty:

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