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New England Children's Amalgam Trial (NECAT)

Principal Investigator:
McKinlay, Sonja M
Boston/Cambridge, MA; Farmington, ME
Number of Participants:
Lifestage of Participants:
Child, Adolescent
Health Outcomes:
Immune Outcomes, Metabolic Outcomes, Neurological and Cognitive Outcomes | Hormonal Mimics and Hormones
Brief Description:
The study is a follow-up investigation to the New England Children's Amalgam Trial (NECAT) study to examine the potential for bisphenol A (BPA)-related negative health effects of dental composites in children, including weight gain, behavioral problems, neuropsychological function, and immune function. The study will leverage follow-up of 534 children from two communities (one in rural Maine and one in urban Massachusetts) enrolled in the original NECAT trial as well as enroll approximately 100 new children to determine urinary BPA exposure effects of these dental materials.

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Projects listed supported initial development of the epidemiological resource, added study participants, collected additional information or samples from study participants, and/or used samples or datasets derived from the resource.

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