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NIOSH Training Activities

Superfund Research Program

In addition to supporting training activities by university programs, the SRP provides supplemental training grants to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) as part of an interagency agreement. NIOSH uses these funds to support two training programs via supplemental training grants to the Educational Resource Centers (ERCs).

Summary of NIOSH/SRP Activities

During the most recent year for which data is available, the following program outputs were established:

1. For the Hazardous Substance Training (HST) Program (2008-09 academic year)

HST TRainee-Days/Courses* Offered by ERCs. Bar graph showing how trainee days and courses have increased from 1989 to 2008

  • 12 ERC grantees participated in the Program
  • 8,194 trainee-days of training were delivered
  • 136 courses were presented
  • 3,880 persons were trained
  • $87 was the average cost/trainee-day*

2. For the Hazardous Substance Academic Training (HSAT) Program (2007-2008 academic year)

  • 10 ERC grantees participated in the Program
  • 78 academic courses were presented
  • 1137 graduate students were trained, including 166 students receiving trainee financial support
  • $61,235 was the average cost/academic program*

*These costs are expressed in training grant award funds only and include the cost of trainee support.

For more information on NIOSH training activities please refer to the Development and Implementation of Training Programs For Hazardous Substances Annual Report (360KB) .

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